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Using the betta fish’s natural hunting behaviors the ping pong ball will float on the surface just like food would in the wild – watch your betta hunt this very cheap and available toy!

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A 3 gallon tank with a build in filtration system, and fun LED lights that change color. It's a cheap betta fish tank with great features, check it out.

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Here are the five best way to take care of your betta:

1. Tank Size Matters. Yes, Betta Fish can survive in murky, dingy climates but they will thrive in a larger tank. You can stick them in a bowl the size of a basketball and they will make it but a 2.5 gallon tank or larger is optimal. I guess it comes down to how much you care about your fish because price should not matter ... not when you can buy a good size tank at a local store for dirt cheap.

2. Water condition matter. Betta Fish Care is incomplete without the right conditions. Not treating the water properly is akin to humans walking around a steel mill twenty four hours a day. You should put a water conditioner on your faucet and that will work fantastic. Remember, it is the chlorine you are worried about and a basic water conditioner will alleviate that problem. Oh, do not forget to only fill the tank about 20% - 40% of the way as that will allow your fish to acclimate to the water. Also, let the good bacteria grow on the rocks and fake plants you have in the tank because it is important to have "good bacteria" in the tank ... it reminds the Betta of its natural surroundings.

3. Do not overfeed them. The number one way to kill the Siamese fighting fish is to overfeed them. All they need is sun dried baby shrimp or mosquito larvae. Remember, their stomach is the size of a pencil tip so they do not need much. Try to feed them on the same time each day.

4. Leave male bettas alone. They will fight to the death. Males die fast because they are living with so much stress is they are accompanied by another male so do not put the two together. Of course, you can have a male and female Betta Fish together but not two males. In fact, it is better if you have more than one female in the tank with the male so he has alternatives if he is not attracted to the one female.

5. Water temperature. Having the correct temperature for your fish to live in is critical is you want them to thrive. I would suggest seventy-five to eighty-five degrees as optimal temperature. If you do not have a heater then I strongly suggest you do if you want to provide good betta fish care.

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One item that is recommended for vacations longer than 1 week or more is an automatic feeder. They are only recommended if you get a high quality one though; you cannot cheap out here because you get what you pay for. Cheap automatic feeders have killed a lot of betta fish since their inception. They’re both inaccurate and unreliable – not feeding at all or dumping the entire amount in at once. This leads to death by overeating or through water pollution and disease while you’re away. If you do purchase one of these, make sure it is highly reviewed like and set it up a couple days prior to learn how it performs. This product has a built in timer, allows you to portion out the food, and will dish out up to 14 individual meals. This is a great option if you plan to be gone for over a week.

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