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Dried reef rocks are essentially . Dried reef rocks are composed of dead coral from reefs. These rocks are usually white to tan in color; no colorful coralline algae like on live rocks. These rocks are great for making aquascape structues for your fish to live in, hide in, and enjoy.

Petrified coral is coral that is dried and no longer houses living organisms or bacteria. Usually this type is coral is seen as white to tan branches. Petrified coral is great for adding unique features to your aquarium aquascape.

Both dried reef rock and petrified coral with bacterias and organisms with time and a healthy, thriving aquarium. A newly established tank may take years to gain large quantities of coralline algae and bacteria blooms because the tank ecosystem is new and must mature and gain stability to maintain small, delicate organisms such as copepods and various bacteria. The process of turning dried rock and coral "live" by adding rocks, sand, and other objects to a newly established aquarium from an established, older aquarium. This way, the massive coralline algae and bacteria will spread onto your new rock and coral and house themselves there. Before adding dried rock and coral to your tank residing on them from store handling. Proper curing method can be found above; "Curing Live Rock Before Use", but for a shorter duration of time. Dried rock and coral can be obtained at local fish stores or online for decent pricing. Great dried reef rock is sold by trustworthy Carib Sea. These rocks are white and shaped gorgeously, as well as having a cheap price of less than two dollars per pound:

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In this episode of Aquarium Rocks I will demonstrate how to find cheap tanks on craigslist. Natural habitats tend to be much less diverse, persquare foot, than fish tanks. In nature, only a single type of rockwill be seen, surrounded perhaps by a bit of mud or sand. It is veryimprobable that slate, limestone, lava rock, and granite will all befound in the same place. As far as plants go, it is entirely normal fora single species to dominate the entire area. In other words, the mostrealistic aquarium will use only one type of rock and one type ofplant. This works in the aquarists favour: buying plants and rocks inbulk is usually cheaper.

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