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Last Verdict: If you are looking for 5 gallon fish tank for sale then you can easily avail this product from Amazon which is the best place to buy fish tanks online, and that too at cheaper rates. Not only this kit is perfect for the starters but also it will fit in your budget incredibly.

These are cheap feeder fish Im keeping as pets the were crowed in a 5 gallon tank with like 100 other fish how can they need more tha 5 gallons

This is one of the perfect beginners’ 5 gallon aquarium kit included with all the necessary equipment, a starter may need. The set is also one of the cheap 5 gallon fish tanks available in the market. Let’s take a look at the features it offers.

Tetra 1.5 Gallon LED Desktop Aquarium Kit

Cheap 5 Gallon Fish Tank‎ I am thinking about buying 2-3 ghost shrimp for my 5gal tank. There is only one Betta fish in it, so I want to try some other type of live animal. I find Ghost shrimp to be fun to watch, and intereting to learn about. I am thankful for how cheap they cost, at about Craigslist is a great way to find cheap aquariums; especially the large sizes (50-100 gallons). The best part of all: often owners will include additional items that go with the aquarium, such as the stand, gravel, filters, heaters, décor, fish medicine, and food. Sometimes they even include the fish (if wanted). So if looking for large aquariums, craigslist is definitely a strong choice. Just be sure to inspect the tank for any damage before paying the owner..39, so that I am not making a huge investment if something was to happen (which hopefully won't). I first have to get some live Anubias plants for my tank beforehand, just because they like places to hide and I only have one silk plant in the tank. I am probably going to get the ghosties in a few months - but I am still very excited! I also look forward to getting a male and female ghost shrimp so that I can breed them (for free) and get some more ghosties. Excited! :)

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I've been using rubbermaid tubs for quarantine tanks now for about 5 years. I even use many of them as permanent homes for breeding stock of freshwater fish. They are super cheap. You can go to home depot and buy a 55 gallon tub for around $15. I just went to walmart and bought an 18 gallon tub for $4. You can even find clear ones, though they tend to be smaller than 30 gallons. If you have a very large reef tank, these tubs do come in larger sizes. Many people use 100 gallon tubs for sumps. These ones are a bit more expensive, but cheaper than a 100 gallon tank. If you're only using it for a quarantine, it doesn't have to be pretty.

50 Gallon Black Fusion Series Cabinet & Tank Combo