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Another important part of your dog or cat’s dental hygiene routine is CET Aquadent, a specially formulated water additive that contains powerful ingredients to support the overall dental health of your pet. CET Aquadent is easy to use. Simply add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of CET Aquadent to one quart of your dog’s fresh drinking water (1 teaspoon (5 ml) for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds and for cats.)

C.E.T AquaDent's xylitol formula helps to reduce plaque andoral calculus accumulations (tartar) that has resulted from poor oral hygiene.

C.E.T. AquaDent can be used to help freshen your pet’s breath each day by simply adding it to their drinking water. Every time your pet has a drink, his breath will be freshened using C.E.T. AquaDent. Before adding C.E.T. AquaDent to your pet’s water, give it a shake. Some of the product may have settled to the bottom, which is normal.

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Prepare fresh C.E.T. AquaDent solution every day and discard any treated water not consumed within 24 hours. Majority of the customers who used C.E.T AquaDent have expressed their satisfaction. Both cats and dogs have shown positive response to this product. There is no flavor that the pets detected and have actually liked when compared with other water additives used thus far.

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C.E.T AquaDent once mixed with fresh water should be used within 24 hours. Any unused solution left should be discarded. Prepare fresh solution every day for the benefit of the pets.

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C.E.T. AQUADENT Drinking Water Additive- We just began carrying this product in honor of dental month. This is a great option for pets that do not tolerate tooth brushing.Cleaning your pet's teeth can be a battle, but you can make it easier with CET AquaDent Drinking Water Additive. It's formulated by veterinary dental specialists to help freshen your pet's breath and maintain oral hygiene in conjunction with a regular home dental care program. Simply add CET AquaDent Water Additive to your pet's drinking water to provide clinically tested oral hygiene care every time your pet drinks. They won't know it's in their water, but you'll notice a difference in their teeth and breath.It should be noted that the product which is used to help maintain your dog’s oral health and to kill bacteria in your pet’s water dish contains xylitol. Keep in mind that xylitol, in addition to being an artificial sweetener, is an antiseptic. CET Aquadent has an extremely small amount of Xylitol in it and is not toxic to your pet. According to the ASPCA, “…pet dental products that contain an ingredient known as xylitol should be used carefully and only according to label directions.” If you use a water-additive for your dog’s dental health and are concerned about the small amount of xylitol in CET Aquadent, consider a xylitol-free product such as which does not include xylitol.Shake before using. Light sedimentation is normal.

Dogs/Cats (Over 6 months of age):
Under 25 lbs. Add 1 teaspoonful (5 mL) of C.E.T. AquaDent to 1 pint of fresh drinking water daily

Dogs (over 6 months of age): Over 25 lbs. Add 2 teaspoonfuls (10 mL) of C.E.T. AquaDent to 1 quart of fresh drinking water daily

Prepare fresh C.E.T. AquaDent solution every day. Discard any treated water not used by the pet within 24 hours.