Apr 7, 2014 - Length of your catfishing pole

It is best to use heavier, braided line when going after catfish. Just remember there is no reel, therefore no drag to help you keep from breaking your line. You must rely completely on the constant tension of the line and bending of the rod to wear fish out. It isn’t uncommon to have to dip your tip in the water to keep the pole from snapping if you hook into a large one.

How long of a catfishing pole is relative to the size of the catfish you are trying to

It is largely a matter of personal preference, but if you are armed with a few suggestions and a little bit of information, you will be one very big step closer to choosing the pole that is right for you, and will provide a quality catfishing experience for you.

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Here’s the difference in a catfish rod vs’ a catfish pole (or fishing rod vs’ fishing pole). Cody had the gopro recording for live footage and this happens. Two local fisherman were there and one of their poles was dragged in by a catfish or a bass, most likely a catfish. He forgot to leave his bail open and he almost grabbed the pole but the fish was too quick...
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Secure 18 inches of leader material to your fishing line with a swivel between the two ends. At the free end of the leader attach either a #2 or #4 hook depending on the size catfish that inhabit the waters you are on. Cut off excess leader material. Place your bait onto the hook and drop it so that it sits no more than 1 inch above the bottom. This technique of rigging a catfish pole is ideal for quiet waters.

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If you’re absolutely set on using a spinning reel for catfish despite the drawbacks this is the pole you’ll want. Okuma produces some amazing products, and this is a worthy addition to their great product line.Does it matter what type of catfish fishing pole you are using? Some may tell you no, but that depends on your skill, your location and the fish you are after. The fact is, there are benefits of several types available to you when you take advantage of the right fishing pole. A pole designed for catfish is designed to give you the best results possible. Here's what you need to know.I am using this tiny batman pole with 4 lb line to bring in this monster channel catfish thats probably 10-12 lbs. I was using cut shad as bait and a size 2 j hook. This was a fun long fight on this pole but I knew I could get him in if I take my time.
The Fish WhispererSturdy rods that are shorter in length are usually used for trolling and bigger fish. Longer poles are helpful if you need to cast your line longer distances. Be sure you can handle the size of rod you choose, because if your rod is too long for you to be comfortable when you handle it, you will tire, and your fishing experience will not be satisfying. Since catfish tend to be large, if you only intend to have one pole, opt for a shorter, sturdier rod.