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I own a very vicious betta named buddy. He's bit me twice, he has kills a whole tank full of fish, he flares at me, ect. To sum it all up he's a jerk and now lives in a 5 gal tank with no other fish except an algae eater. I did manage to train him a few tricks. He also knows his name. He also knows when I yell at him for flaring at me. He is a Wal-Mart rescue. I was buying supplies and saw him and fell in love. I don't support walmart in how they care for fish but it was love at first sight. I believe he thinks he is a dog.

Once you have the tank set up and cycled, you will need to care forthe fish. Caring for the fish will include these tasks:

8. Bigger fish tanks are easier to care for. The absolute minimum size tank you should purchase is a ten gallon tank, with the exception of hospital tanks or fry (baby fish) tanks. Those can be five gallons depending on the fish breed. Absolutely do not buy fish bowls or anything under five gallons – those things are useless for everything except for art projects.

Coldwater fish include goldfish and minnows

Jump to Tank Requirements and Care - Set up the aquarium first, before you buy the fish hello, i have a 24 x 12 x 12 aquarium with 1 submerged pump and filter and three kois/carp at the moment, i feed them every morning only and evenly distribute the food. the local vendor said to stock up on tap water 1 or 2 days before using it to change the water in the tank, is this advisable? also i bought a chlorine neutralizer, is this okay to use on the tap water before i put it in the tank? and does koi/carp need a janitor fish?

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The Platys, Corys, Mollies and Tetras are all quite common community fish. Just be careful with the Betta. Female Bettas are generally not a problem as they aren’t as aggressive as males but they will likely chase other fish away (from their established territory). For that reason be sure to provide adequate room and also various hiding places for all of your species to establish their territory within the tank. Also remember not to overstock the aquarium. You do not mention the size of the tank but here’s a quick overview and some .

Aquarium Care Basics: 10 Keys To A Healthy Fish Tank