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The first thing to know before buying that first koi is that filtration is essential. Don’t cut corners. Carefully plan for the size of your pond and the number of fish that will live in it. No filtration or inadequate filtration will make your koi sick from the waste they leave in the water. Our experts are ready to help you select the biological, mechanical or chemical filtration equipment that will keep your fish healthy.

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Koi-Care staff says:
August 31, 2014 at 1:30 am
You need to quarantine your fish, first off. Then increase the salt concentration to 0.5%. You will want to treat the water with mela-fix. Make sure your quarantine has good aeration and filtration. Your pond water probably has an increase in excess nutrients that allow bacteria, like the one most likely causing the red spots, to thrive. You will want to test your pond water on a regular basis and watch for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates. You can even do something like microbe-lift to boost your beneficial bacteria load in your filter media.
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Taking Care Of Koi | Koi Fish Care Information - A Guide To Keeping Koi I live in Danville, CA and this winter is unusual here in the SF Bay inland suburb temp has fallen to 20 degree F for a few days now. I see their gills moving. The two oldest are at least 30 years old, I inherited them 12 years ago and the prior owner could not recall exactly when he put in the pond so this is the estimate; they were elderly and he said they can live to 100 years! They are huddled together; they always hang out together like a married couple and sleep next to each other their “snouts” inside the where the UV filter is.. One of the larger ones that is by itself and is about 5 years old and almost matches them in size already black and orange with fancy tail – obviously I am no expert! I also have smaller ones that I received as a gift from the person who used to service my pond before he moved to Florida. This cold snap has lasted so far 5 nights with last night being the coldest and will probably last another two then go back to the 60s in the day. The water has a lot of foam but no ice. Is there anything that I should do? The waterfall is running. I have not fed them in a week. I typically feed them once week in the winter here.a small quantity of food. I was told to change the UV lights every other year. I do not have a new koi pond person He cleaned out and drained the pond every year and scrubbed it. I doubt most people will do that. What is the typical maintenance routine and charge? I have a pond filter, modern. that he installed a few years ago and a waterfall that is currently running. Basically I buy shrimp meal food from an installer of koi ponds from Southern California in bulk that i met on eBay for a very good price I have about 11 fish now. When I got the pond with the house in 1999 there were 40 fish including gold fish but something happened insecticide by a careless gardner not sure so only the largest two survived. a very sad day. I bought the one I described I call Barbie because it is so beautiful from Hawaii during the recession and one from North Carolina that really looked like common carp that died and grew so fast just one day floated to the top I thought that koi floated to the top when dead not stayed at the bottom. All those that died were at the top so I was surprised that you told the other California person that he would find if the fish at the bottom were dead. I have seen 38 die excluding Mr. North Carolina. One thing I learned is that when we had an island in the middle we could not have small koi the birds ate them and Loi the person who took such good care of my pond told me to remove it because the birds may have used it to “fish” and sure enough, after that for the first time I had small fish that survived! One time I was surprised to see a stork on my pond at 6 :AM that must have escaped from the Oakland Zoo. I thought a small aircraft was over my pond and I screamed! Since they are only in the Gulf of Mexico, it must have come from the zoo! Luckily I saw it.

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The medium is used purely to give the eggs something to stick on. Cover about two-thirds of the tank with the medium. After the Koi fish are placed in the tank the male will chase the female and bump her rear end to encourage her to shed her eggs for the Koi breeding to take place. The male will then release his sperm (known as Milt) it contains millions of sperm, only one sperm can enter one egg. This will normally happen in the early morning. Try to avoid disturbing the Koi breeding before and during spawning, but keep a careful eye on them, as the males may bully some females. If this happens, remove the female and place her in a separate pond.

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