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Betta Fish have also been termed “Siamese Fighting Fish” due to the male’s aggressive, territorial behavior. Typically, males housed together will posture (face one another with flared fins and gills), and may even attack each other. As a precaution, it is a general rule of thumb to house males solitarily. Female Bettas, on the other hand, do well when kept in multiples; a group of female Bettas is called a “sorority”. Betta Fish are naturally found in rice patties, canals, and small streams in Asia. This species of fish does remarkably well in small aquariums of stagnant water. Because they excel in bowls and small aquariums, Bettas have become the perfect fit for the classroom, workplace, bedroom, or kitchen countertop. While wild Bettas are typically brown in color and exhibit short, plain fins, Bettas have been selectively bred in captivity to enhance desirable color and fin characteristics. Pet Bettas have come a long way and there are now many beautiful color and fin variations on the market today. Betta fish are very hardy and easy to care for, making them a simple pet to brighten almost any space.

Jul 31, 2012 - In order to keep your Betta fish healthy, change the water in the bowl at least once a week, taking care to also rinse the roots of the lily

Even though awareness on betta fish care seems to be slowly spreading, both pet stores and the internet are still an enormous source of misinformation. Betta bowls, vases and tiny “aquariums” are still sold on a large scale, which means many unfortunate bettas die a premature death due to bad housing. Even though bettas are very small fish and often quite cheap, they still need to be kept in a heated, filtered aquarium to thrive.

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I love putting these fish bowls together. Betta fish. Rocks. Ivy plant. And of course get all the things you need to take care of a Betta fish. Many people want to get a pet that is quiet, doesn't require much attention and is easy to take care of, so they think "Hey! I'll go to my local pet store and pick up a Betta fish! They don't require much care at all! They can live in a bowl and be just fine!"

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Bettas are a rare type of fish (called fish) that have the ability to absorb oxygen from air as well as through their gills when in water. This is why betta fish have a higher tolerance for poor water quality and don’t necessarily need water filters or aerators. That said, a betta’s bowl still needs to be cleaned and its water changed regularly to keep it happy and healthy. With proper care, your pet betta fish can live anywhere between two and four years, sometimes even longer.

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