Will mystery snails eat dead fish

Complete tear down of the tank
This very drastic method is one of the best methods if you want to remove *all* snails from an aquarium, but for most of us, it the last option if all other methods fail.
A complete tear down means removal of the fish and the water, taking out all vegetation and collect the bottom material.
All fish should be put in a separated tank with adequate water quality. A good option is to use the water from the tank as the fish are already adapted to this water.
Remove all snails and eggs from the plants and after that they should be threatened with a weak potassium permanganate bath (see above) or another snail killing bath.
The gravel should be boiled to kill all snails and their eggs that are hiding in here.
Clean all other objects thoroughly and clean the tanks itself as well (don't use detergents for this!). A good sponge and warm water should do it.
The filter should be cleaned as well (obvious): put the filter without filter material in the 10 mg/l potassium permanganate solution for one hour (with the filter running). Rinse the filter with clean water and put in new filter material.
After all this the aquarium environment can be put together again.
Note!: The cleaned aquarium needs some time to rebalance again and the fish should only be reintroduced after this period (3 days to a week). Use a part of the old water to speed up the balancing.

So can someone give me pros and cons of letting your apple snails eat a dead fish

Add animals to the pond that eat snails as part of their regular diets. The most common pond fish, the koi, will not eat the snails. Frogs and sterlets eat adult pond snails. Some smaller fish, such as mosquito fish, eat snail eggs. Sterlets can survive year-round outside in mild climates and in water temperatures of 52 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Mosquito fish also do well in mild climates with water temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees. Online and brick-and-mortar fish retailers sell these predators for your pond. In some regions, you can get mosquito fish from your local vendor or mosquito control agency for free.

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fish - Which snails can I use to just eat algae? - Pets Stack Exchange @anonymous: Hmmm... Well, since the door is sucked up tight, the snail is still alive. Which is good news! If the heater is a recent thing, it could still be in hibernation mode, or it could be a water quality issue. If you have test kits or test strips, I'd try testing the water the snail is in. If nitrites/nitrates are too high, it could be why the snail is in hiding. Also, if you use tap water, at different times of the year cities put additives into the water that are bad for fish. Same thing with well water depending on where you live, if there are lots of animals around stuff can sink into the ground and get into the water. If the water tests out fine (or you don't have any tests you can use), you could try using bottled water if the snail tank is small enough. Just be sure the bottled water has no extra stuff in it. Then leave the snail alone for a few days. If the betta picked on it enough, any movement from you could be taken as a possible threat and it'll have to get used to the fact it's safe again.

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At this point your best bet is to move the snail to it's own bowl with treated store-bought water that has no additives listed on the label. Then see if it starts to perk up a bit after a day or two. Definitely check your parameters in the 10-gal and do a water change. If all your fish are acting normally, and the snail gets better, you can try putting the snail back into the main tank. If it has the same symptoms after being returned to the tank, then you'll have to figure out exactly what is in the water that's killing it. Be sure not to use anything that has copper in it, no additives, or decorations (any new rocks you 'found' and added lately? Some have traces of bad-for-snails minerals). If you can't find the cause and all your fish are fine, you may have to have a permanent separate tank with store water for the snail.

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