Housing 3 Male Betta Fish in 1 Ten Gallon Tank: 3 Steps

It is possible to have more than one female betta fish in the same tank. Although they are still aggressive female bettas can live together in groups and they look beautiful. Tanks with multiple female betta fish are called and will require a little bit of research before going ahead. Luckily we also have a guide on that!

Feb 19, 2017 - Unlike its male friends, female betta fish can live together in the same tank

Many people mistakenly believe that betta fish must be kept in “solitary confinement.” Female bettas can live together, and while male bettas will fight with other male bettas, they can be placed singly in a “community” aquarium containing other species of fish.

Disclaimer: ** Please use caution when dealing with male bettas

Why can't the male betta Fish live together I have a small tank with one fi. What kind of catfish and other mouth sucker fush can bettas live with? Right now i have two bettas. One female and one male. The male dosen”t care shes in there, but with the female looks like she snows off time to time when she swims near him. Other then that, there fine together.

Do not put them in an undivided tank, or they will kill each other

I just set up my 10 gallon tank a couple weeks ago with a filter, heater, a bridge and 3 silk plants. The first occupant is a male Betta named Fella and just this weekend I added a Golden Algae eater. Fella actually will follow my finger around when he sees the top opened for feeding. He's making happy bubbles. My son wants a frog and my Mom wants a female Betta. I'm thinking some Kuhli loaches or zebra snails? How many more fishmates can I add and will all those types live well together?

Is It Possible For Two Male Bettas Too Live Together

Male Bettas cannot live with each other. They need to be kept in separate tanks where they can't see each other. If they can see each other for prolonged periods of time they will become very stressed. If males are kept together, they will fight to the death, hence the name Siamese Fighting Fish. Female Bettas can sometimes live in groups of 5 or more if the tank is heavily planted and they have enough space. Most sources state a 10 gallon tank as a minimum however, we personally would recommend 20 gallons. Our females live very peacefully in a heavily planted 20 gallon tank. When putting groups of females together, the process needs to be done slowly and carefully. They need to be left acclimating in cups next to each other for a long period of time. This helps condition them to other female company. Just remember that where Bettas are concerned, there are never any guarantees, and you must be prepared that the females may all need separate tanks to live in. The decision to try and have females living together should not be taken lightly.I used to have 5 betta's. 2 of which were male. People have said that you can't put 2 betta's together, whether its male:male, male:female, or female:female. I kept the males in their own individual homes, and I had Female:Female:Female in another home. I also have 2 Goldfish which reside together. People claim that betta's will hurt or kill each other... at first when I introduced the first 2 females, they had a brawl but nobody died, when I introduced the 3rd, the 3rd joined with the 1st and tag teamed the 2nd... the only injury was a violated and torn tail fin, which healed itself. They all lived together up until 6 weeks ago when the 3rd fish died. I just wanted to prove that not all "Fighting Fish" actually fight to the death