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African dwarf frogs are tiny amphibians sold to live in fish tanks. Regardless of how they're presented in pet stores, these frogs prefer a tank that's "dwarf frogs only," though some frog keepers have success housing them with fire belly newts or large apple snails. Any fish that can fit them -- or their arms or legs -- in their mouth will have the frogs for lunch. And vice versa. These guys also have a tendency to try to nip the fins of anything that swims by.

Can African cichlids live with African dwarf frogs in a 55 gallon tank · Will a 10 gallon tank hold 9 fish and 2 dwarf frogs? On Friday I got 4 moll.

This article is about how to care for African Dwarf Frogs! Set up a tank for your African Dwarf Frogs. They can live peacefully with some types of fish and snails that live in water.

my 20 gallon fish tank stocked with live plants and a bunch of tetras

Deeper water depths can add stress to African Dwarf Frogs who live on the bottom, yet must swim to the surface to breathe. While African Dwarf Frogs can co-exist with tropical fish in an aquarium, in doing so, always set up your tank for the needs of fish, not frogs in mind. African Dwarf Frogs will generally live peacefully with any fish that is bigger than them. If you are keeping them in a community tank, remember that they are carnivores and will eat small fry, if any of the other fish do give birth. Frogs work well with algae eating fish, and bottom dwellers, except for common plecos. While there are reports of more aggressive fish attacking African Dwarf Frogs, and sometimes the other way round, we have had no problem keeping them with aggressive fish such as Bettas or Cichlids. If you provide the frogs with plenty of hiding spaces, they should be fine with pretty much all fish. However, if you want to keep things on the safe side, then we don’t recommend keeping them with Plecos, Catfish, Bettas or Cichlids.

You can buy a Grow a frog kit which comes with everything you need.

African Dwarf Frogs are small aquatic frogs that are a favorite among fish keepers. They like to keep them with their fish to create an interesting community tank. They are a freshwater frog that is fully aquatic so they don’t need any land areas in the aquarium tank to live.

This can shock it and introduce disease into your tank

I take a look at my African Dwarf Frog Tank and review the enjoyment that I get from this little guy.

I also have two Neon Tetra's and a Mickey Mouse Fish in this small 2.5 Gallon Tank. I'd like to get another African Dwarf Frog to keep this guy company and hopefully having another African Dwarf Frog in this tank would spur them to sing together. I've only seen this African Dwarf Frog Sing one time and it was shortly after I had just finished cleaning out the tank. Makes me wonder if he was telling me thank you? :)

African dwarf frogs live their entire lives underwater, but need to rise to the surface to breathe air because they have lungs and not gills. These African Dwarf frogs are small in size and do not weigh more than a few grams. They vary in color, for the most part ranging from olive green to brown with black spots. The average life expectancy of an African Dwarf Frog is five years, but they can live as long as 20 years; they can grow to 6.35 centimeters (2.5 inches) long. When young, African dwarf frogs can be mistaken and sold as African clawed frogs, African frogs of the genus Xenopus, which are larger and more aggressive than the dwarf.Underwater dwarf frogs are not much harder to feed than aquarium fish. You can use any meat-containing flake food, like brine shrimp flakes, as a dietary staple. Additionally, you can feed live or frozen foods like blood-worms and brine shrimp as the occasional treat. Most pet shops carry these items. Only feed what the frogs can eat in a few minutes. Any food beyond this will rot in the tank and can foul the water.