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Using freshwater feeder fish like goldfish, , and mollies are the best. They are less expensive and do not carry marine diseases that can be introduced into your aquarium. If you do happen to buy brackish or saltwater feeder fishes, be sure to give them a 2-3 minute freshwater bath and remove any visible external parasites before putting them into your tank.

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Unlike other online saltwater fish stores, Reef Hot Spot goes to the source. We have spent years cultivating relationships with saltwater fish collectors to ensure that only top quality, healthy saltwater fish reach our tanks and yours. When you buy from our online saltwater fish store, you will receive quality saltwater fish at an excellent price.

I recommend NOT buying ANY saltwater fish or products from Petco.

Where is the best place to buy saltwater fish either store/warehouse in Los .. There are two general types of water for your saltwater or reef aquarium: real seawater that you buy at the fish store or get from the ocean yourself and artificial saltwater that you buy pre-mixed from your local store or in powder form (artificial sea salts) and you mix into saltwater yourself.

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I have actually had good luck with saltwater fish from Petco but they do not have any guarantee that the fish will be disease free or live through the first night but no one does. Buying inexpensive fish is probably fine because you won't be out much money if the fish dies but if you buy an expensive one, such at the $55 Blue Tang that we just bought and died 3 days later, they will just tell you sorry and you are out the money. Most local fish stores will usually work with you in some way, maybe reduce the price for a replacement or something but when I went back to the store, the Petco employee, just said sorry, there is nothing that they can do and then walked off so be careful when buying expensive saltwater fish there.

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Resist the urge to make an impulse fish purchase while visiting your local saltwater fish store if you don't know about the species. They want to sell fish and they want you to buy fish! Period. Take note of the species you are interested in and then find all the information you can on them. Many saltwater fish species can be very difficult to get eating in the home aquarium. The first thing you should ask the shop keeper to do is show you the fish eating. The better stores will mark on the label all the pertinent information about the fish, including whether or not it is eating.As hobbies go, saltwater aquariums are not the cheapest way to go. The initial equipment costs a lot of money, as do the fish, invertebrates, and corals. Here are some ways that you can save money on your saltwater aquarium hobby, from initial setup to buying equipment, livestock to ongoing expenses.