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Where can you buy live aquarium plants online in Canada you ask? Easy! You can buy aquarium plants in Canada at This online aquatic plant store will be opening between June-July 2012. This spring I am putting up a large facility to expand on to our existing water lilies and pond plant business, Country Koi Fish Farm which can be found at to enable people to have another source to buy their aquarium plants online within Canada.

Feb 25, 2012 - Now you'll be able to buy live aquarium plants for sale in Canada soon

A number of , along with other and supplies for your aquarium. The advantage of buying from an eBay store is that the seller is experienced in shipping these products in a way that prevents damage. Plants must be shipped wet to stay alive during transit.

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Your trusted source for Buy Live Aquarium Plants Online videos and the latest top stories in world. Yes I'm guilty. Putting warm water plants into a cold water tank. Poor things, it must be like taking a camel to the antarctic. So why do I do it? Most of the best plant sellers will give you an idea of what temperature ranges the plant will live in. Coupled with the fact that my cold water tanks are actually at room temperature and I'm willing to take a risk. If you're not sure of your water temps buy a thermometer from an ebay seller who stocks aquarium equipment. Take an average over several days and then you'll know which plants you can try.

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Where are you currently buying your aquarium plants in Canada, in the United States or Overseas? What type of live aquarium plants are you interested in or like in a fish tank? Share your thoughts as it will help us be able to provide you with all your live aquarium plants that your looking for.

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