I am interested in ordering some fish antibiotics

Have you been searching around wondering ? trying to find the best place, or even a good place to get Fish Mox or other Fish Antibiotics. We have searched and found several places to buy fish medicines from online.

You can buy fish and bird antibiotics online — I have used  The direct supplier is

So there you have it. The very same antibiotics used in humans are sold for use in fish. Note the qualification, though, that only the “tablets and capsules” are the same as in humans. The powdered form sometimes used to add to the aquarium water is in some way different. Don’t buy the powdered form for human use. If you decide to buy fish antibiotics (and I’m not recommending that you should), at least make certain these are tablets or capsules.

Report: How People Buy Antibiotics Without Prescription

Fish flex cephalexin for fish | Buy online cephalexin antibiotics - Allivet In my country you can’t just buy antibiotics and a doctor will only prescribe a course for a particular infection. There is little choice then than to buy online if you want to be prepared. If here is no medicine available then simple infections will kill you. Id have to risk the antibiotics that were on hand even if it was fish antibiotics Id much rather just buy human certified option but its not an option here so die to try are my options lol. Im sure if I had an abscess Id rather be poisoned than dies a slow painful death

Both national chain pet stores we visited had antibiotics for sale

But to answer your original question, I know of no legitimate, licensed and accredited pharmacies that would provide augmentin or clavamox without a prescription. The closest you could come would be buying "fish antibiotics" from online pet pharmacies line KV. But no clavamox - only amoxicillin, keflex, bactrim and a couple more.

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I buy fish antibiotics online...they are the exact same as prescribed for people. There are even forums where you can find all the details on orderingand comparisons. Google is your friend....