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Catfish Buy The Pound is partnering with the ALS Society of Manitoba to raise funds for research and client services. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a life limited disease where 90% of people diagnosed will die within three-to-five years, some within a few short months. The ALS Society of Manitoba needs funds for research and to help clients and their families by providing information, education, equipment, support, and hope.

While we were there we met Ron Chlasta, a Preds fan from Hendersonville who came in to buy catfish for his friends going to Game 1 on Monday.

At Guidry’s we buy our catfish from 40 of the most respected and trusted farmers in the catfish industry. We are also a vertically integrated processor in that we own and operate our own catfish ponds. With the most recent farm purchase being in May of 2014, Guidry’s now owns and manages roughly 1,200 acres in a region of the Mississippi Delta known for growing the finest catfish on Earth. Our farms employ only the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals who maintain the same high quality standards that are set at our processing facility in Louisiana. We are very involved in the day to day operations of our three catfish farms, visiting them weekly.

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Homemade catfish bait is a popular option for many anglers but my preference has always been to buy a proven catfish bait recipe. DIP BAITS
Some folks make their own dips from well-guarded secret recipes that have been passed from generation to generation. Others have favored commercially manufactured blends that they buy by the case. Whether home brewed or store bought, dip baits are gooey concoctions that usually smell horrible, but catfish absolutely cannot resist them.

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If your child thinks that all edible fish are spawned by Mrs. Paul, you might consider a trip to one of the catfish farms where he can catch fish in other men’s ditches. Actually hatcheries, these farms almost guarantee the youngest fisherman a stringerful. This is the place for the Incompleat Angler: rods, reel and bait are available—as is processing (cleaning)—at nominal fees. If you won’t go near the water, you can buy fresh or frozen catfish by the pound. Banbury Fish Farms, Inc. (Danbury, Texas—between Alvin and Angleton—2 miles south of highway 35 on Farm Road 171). No fee to fish. Pay for catch at 75 per pound of live weight.

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“You have to show ID if you want to buy catfish here,” co-owner Jim Wholey told the Tribune-Review on Friday. “If you're from Tennessee, we're not selling it to you.” If you have already been on the tour, consider entering the . Pickwick Catfish Farm's Smoked Catfish is aspecialty! The aroma of the hickory smoke is like none other. Those who live close enough can dine in orcarry-out. On the other hand, the poor folks living outside thePickwick area must settle for to experience the best smoked fish or to buy the . Pickwick Smoked Catfish are cured with all naturalpreservatives, and smoked. They are fully cooked and may be served heated,cold or at room temperature. They may also be frozen upon arrival. Check outthe to learn more. “We have 200 pounds of catfish, and you can't buy it unless you show ID,” said general manager Scott Thomas. “I don't think they'll get past us. A lot of our people here are serious Pens fans.” He and Wholey’s staff have instituted a strict ID policy for customers buying catfish during the Stanley Cup Final. Anyone with a Tennessee drivers’ license is banned from purchasing catfish…and they’re not kidding around.