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If the first tank on this top 5 list, is really not fitting into your budget and/or you want to buy a fish tank of 60 Gallon without any stand then this tank from Advance Aqua Tanks can be your game.Not only in terms of affordability, this huge volume of the tank has a strikingly beautiful design with great aesthetic beauty provided by the acrylic body. Also, the blue color compliments the entire sleek look of the tank marvelously.And I bet the features this tank offers coming without any set of equipment will astonish you. So keep reading to know more.Now, after buying the tank, the real challenge comes, as to complete the entire set you will need to add those crucial set of equipment. If you are planning to setup a saltwater tank, then you will need the below things: All of them will be applicable in setting up a freshwater tank also. Just a bottle of water conditioner will be appreciated so that you can control the hardness of the water.There is no doubt that the product is coming at a really reasonable rate and you can avail a 50% lighter, 40% brighter and 17% stronger fish tank than any glass made aquariums.But you will need to take care of the accessories and the setup process, as no setup guide is coming with this pack—which is a downside but overall if you judge the price and its durability then it will be a cost-effective deal. So, I will definitely recommend this tank from Advance Aqua Tanks to you.

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You're only talking about ~4x2x2 (120 gallons) dimension wise. If you're building it out of wood and liner it should be cheaper. If you want glass or acrylic (unless you have access to those things at a lowered price or free like kirap) it's better to buy one. There are plans for a diy tank out of wood with a glass front panel on the net. If you don't care about a side view on the fish the cheapest route is a 150 gallon stock tank.

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Where to Buy Free Acrylic Fish Tank Online If you’re buying a fish tank, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is – what type of tank should I get? Oftentimes between glass and acrylic fish tanks.

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I got a glass 55 gallon tank given to me and, as a newbie, didn’t know or consider the possibility of seam failure. I discovered a TINY pinhole size leak in it near the top and did a spot repair with aquarium silicone. It’s been 3 days and leak appears fixed, for now. I did NOT do what was recommended in all the repair reading I did as far as empty the whole tank and dry it out and repair the entire seam(because I had nowhere else to keep the fish), as the leak was only about an inch from the top and was extremely tiny (we are talking I would wipe the droplet of water that had leaked out off and it would be 24 hours before another droplet formed). What I am paranoid about though is the integrity of the rest of the tank-is there a chance this tank could just blow out when I’m away sometime? I had heard that acrylic tanks are less likely to fail, but I’ve been reading and this may not be true??? Should I just go ahead and buy a new tank (either glass or acrylic)?

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The third real advantage that I see is only in the case of much larger tanks. It is true that acrylic aquariums are obviously much lighter than glass aquariums. In smaller tanks I don’t see this as much of an advantage. A fish tank isn’t something we often carry around. Once a tank is filled with water, the original weight of the empty tank becomes negligible. Unless the resting place of the aquarium requires being weight conscious, this isn’t generally an issue. If planning on having an aquarium shipped to you, it is unlikely that buying acrylic to save on shipping will actually save you any money. Acrylic tanks are generally much more expensive than glass tanks anyway, so any savings in shipping would almost certainly be entirely lost in the actual cost of the aquarium itself. The 5 gallon fish tank, Glofish offers, is very popular among the beginners. The tank is made up of clear plastic and acrylic as a primary material, both of which gives the fish tank a lighter weight and longer durability, hence perfect for any novice.Features:Material: This fish tank is mainly made of acrylic and the canopy and some other parts are made of clear plastic. Both acrylic and plastic help in the easy handling of the aquarium and the light-weight provides suitable portability to the owner.Lighting: The 15 blue LED lights are incorporated in the hammerhead light which is perfect for Glofish, as the bodies of the fishes absorb the blue light and reflect in a glowing way. Not only that, the LED light is adjusted in the canopy with low voltage power cord and AC adapter.Filter: The micro filter provided with this kit has the optimal quality bio-bag that filters the water and balance the biological products in the water properly. The small sized filter cartridges are also quick and easy to change.Easy Feeding: The clear plastic made canopy with fluorescent color has the adequate feeding hole that helps any beginner to feed the fishes effortlessly.Pros:Con: Appropriate for Glofish only.Last Verdict: If you are looking for 5 gallon fish tank for sale then you can easily avail this product from Amazon which is the best place to buy fish tanks online, and that too at cheaper rates. Not only this kit is perfect for the starters but also it will fit in your budget incredibly.