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Are you and your kids dreaming of summer like I am? I’ve had about enough of winter and I am totally ready for warmer weather! These paper plate tropical fish have bright and vibrant colors and are oh so beautiful! So with spring and summer around the corner, it seemed a fitting time to share this fun your kids will love. A great way to add a nice color pop to their room or even the refrigerator!

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If reefs continue to degrade — and the affected areas increase — fish won’t be able to hide, or find one another through the worsening water conditions to, say, mate. Instead of brightly colored complex backgrounds, the brightly colored fish would live on dark, visually simple backgrounds. Think nice car in the rough section of town.

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Already solved Brightly colored marine fish? Go back and see the other crossword clues for Reef fish and reef creatures often are brightly colored and have striking patterns that include bold stripes of contrasting color, chevrons of black and white, patches of color surrounded by a halo of another color. Even creatures that can not see themselves use color to suit their purposes. A small parasite that infects coral in Indonesia produced pink patches that attract fish. The fish feed on the pink patches and infect the fish who in turn spreads the parasite to other corals. When many kinds of reef fish are taken out of the water their dazzling colors turn quickly to grey.[Source: Les Kaufman, National Geographic, May 2005]

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Their color pattern is unique from other species of rainbowfish. The rear half of the fish is a bright red-orange and the front half is bluish-grey or purple. The body contains narrow dark lines, the fins are orange and the two dorsal fins are white on the outer edges.

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The barracuda family Sphyraenidae are voracious carnivores, and although there are no known reported fatalities involving the great barracuda, this fish is feared more than sharks in some areas of the world. There are some 20 different species widely distributed throughout tropical and sub-tropical waters. Often barracuda demonstrate no fear of swimmers, and they are known to be attracted to brightly colored or shiny objects, irregular motions, surface splashing and any speared or tethered fish.Adult blue tangs swim close to the ocean floor near Mexico. A species of surgeonfish, the blue tang is abundant in the waters of the Caribbean, often schooling around coral reefs. As they mature, the tangs' color progresses from bright yellow to a deep bluish-gray or purple.Found an answer for the clue Brightly colored fish that we don't have? Then please to us so we can make the clue database even better!Freshwater fish are sometimes perceived as being monotonous and almost colorless. However, freshwater fish can be as bright and eye-catching as their saltwater relatives, you just have to know .