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There are many species of fish, invertebrates and plants suitable for brackish aquariums since brackish water occur in many different habitats and climate zones all over the world. Brackish water can for instance be the result of a freshwater river emptying itself into the ocean, and there are also brackish seas and lakes, e.g. the Baltic Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Keep reading for a list of 8 hardy plants that can be grown in a brackish aquarium.

For a "complete" look and set-uphowever, as with all-freshwater systems, there is nothing like liveplants to complete a brackish water display. Do consider them if youget try brackish aquarium keeping.

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Planting the Brackish Aquarium Before you set up your brackish tank you need to think carefully about the types of inhabitants you will cultivate – this includes fish and invertebrates as well as plants. Your best bet is to start by choosing a few species of brackish aquarium fish that have similar needs in regards to the tank environment. Once you’ve decided what fish you want to keep you can customize the conditions in your tank accordingly. After you have done so, you can think about adding some live plants that will thrive in the same conditions. Here are a list of plants that can be acclimated to a brackish environment:

Brackish Aquarium Plant Habitat Packages for Sale

My brackish aquarium. Sg 1.010 am 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 20
Stocking list

Figure 8 puffer X2
Lyre tail sword tail
Pineapple sword tail
Indian mud moray eel
Marble molly
Turquoise guppy
Knight goby
Striped goby belem
Orange chrome
Mini crab (meant as food for puffers, but they are too lazy since the crab puts up a fight)

All plants fake, 3 pieces of real drift wood, and real rocks. Araganite sand substrate. Instant ocean salt mix. Filters the water of the tank 11x per hour.

Planting The Brackish Water Aquarium

Brackish Water Fish are species of marine life that are able to survive in slightly salted water. A brackish tank system is defined by water with a specific ratio of fresh water to saltwater, referred to as “gravity” where the water maintains a fresh water level of 1 and a saltwater level of 1.025. There are numerous dynamics to consider when maintaining a brackish aquarium, even beyond the live fish you are keeping, one must also be mindful of the interactions of your plant life, equipment, and other general maintenance duties that require patience and an eye for detail.Besides mangroves and seagrasses, a variety of otherplants occur in brackish water, including species widely traded for usein freshwater aquaria. These plants, including the versatile Java fern, can be used in low-salinity brackish watertanks, making them invaluable additions to aquaria containing thingsmollies, bumblebee gobies, glassfish, figure-8 pufferfish, orangechromides, and all the other small aquarium fish that appreciate alittle salt in their water. The plants also differ from the seagrassesand mangroves in being far less difficult to keep, and work well inmuch smaller aquaria than those larger species. Of these salt-tolerantfreshwater plants, more will be said later, but to begin with,let's look at the mangroves and how they can be cultivated in theaquarium.