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This awesome looking fish is called a Farlowella Twig Catfish! They are bottom feeders:) These do not get very big at all and can be put in just about any freshwater tank!

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The fourth category of fish – the Demersal species – can be found in both superior and inferior models. Catfish – the gaff topsail or hardheads we catch in saltwater, or the tasty channels we eat from freshwater – are clearly inferiors. They live on the bottom, and they eat stuff they find there. Grouper – the bottom dwellers we buy at restaurants and pay tons of money to catch – live on the bottom but look up. Rays are another of the fish we often catch that live almost stuck to the bottom. A catfish will hit a lure, and grouper can be caught in 12 feet of water here on the Gulf, at times acting for all the world like largemouth bass. Their mouth structure is almost identical – bottom jaws considerably shorter than the top and their mouths at a forty-five degree angle. Channel catfish are not the only edible ones we catch. Sometimes try skinning, cleaning, and baking or frying a Gaff Topsail. You might be amazed at the flavor and texture of their clean white meat.

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Hi I've heard all kinds of underwater creatures are good bottom feeders such as .. Starting my first ever aquarium and am looking for a little stocking help. I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank all set up and it has been running for 5 days. Going out this weekend to start adding some fish. My plan is to have 5-7 Serpea Tetra, 5-7 Tiger Barbs and then something to have on bottom. My problem is that I keep running into walls for ideas for bottom feeders..

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I recently rediscovered a childhood hobby of mine, that being the joys and wonders of maintaining an aquarium of freshwater tropical fish species. It really is a therapeutic experience watching them swim about and do as fish do. I wanted to share what I’ve found regarding some of my fishy room-mates with anyone who has a similar interest in aquatic life. Here are some of the bottom feeders I’ve kept before.

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