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There are many different species of aquarium catfish out there and they can range greatly in size. As bottom feeders, they are great to have in your tank because they’ll quickly gulp up any pieces of foods that happen to float to the bottom.

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Bottom feeders perform a unique and crucial role in any aquatic ecosystem. Namely, they clean up after all the fish who spend their time swimming around up above. In an artificial underwater environment (such as an aquarium), these types of fish and crustaceans require special care in order to make sure they're getting all the nutrients they need. Ordinary fish food is an unreliable food source for bottom feeders, as other fish will most likely gobble it up before it ever reaches the aquarium floor. Fast sinking foods are ideal for bottom feeders. Luckily, we've got plenty!

Pet Mountain's Bottom Feeder Food store features top quality products from the most trusted names in fish care and feeding, including Hikari, Wardley, Tetra, Ocean Nutrition, API and more. were specifically developed for the hard to feed plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders. Contains high levels of vegetable matter that algae eaters prefer and love! Promotes proper growth and desirable form in most herbivorous species. Contains higher levels of vegetable matter and multiple algaes that plecostomus and other algae eaters prefer. Sinks rapidly and retains its shape allowing less aggressive species ready access. are designed to soften and sink gradually, to allow fish at all levels to feed at their leisure. They're formulated to provide a variety of tropical fish with excellent nutrition, and are especially appealing to bottom feeders such as plecostomus, catfish and loaches, as well as larger fish like oscars and other cichlids. were specifically developed for corydoras catfish, loaches and other bottom feeders after extensive research into their nutritional requirements and eating habits.

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Wardley Shrimp Pellets Bottom Feeder Fish Food, 9 Oz, Multi ; Animals & Pet Supplies - Pet Supplies - Fish Supplies - Fish Food For bottom feeders, distract the rest of your fish to ensure that they get their share. Do this by feeding floating or slow sinking foods to the rest of your fish first, then after a few minutes, dropping in the sinking wafer or tablet. Bottom feeders may need a little longer to get to their food, but you can still remove what isn’t eaten in 5 minutes.

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The best way to make sure that bottom feeders are getting enough to eat is to put food in for them just after the lights go out on the tank (putting lights on a timer makes this easier). Most of these fish are pretty much nocturnal, at least until they have been in a tank for a while and realize that the “flake food fairy” drops food in at about the same time each day. In fact, after enough time, pleco-type fish, which are usually fairly secretive and nocturnal, will often come right up to the water surface when food is presented, turn over on their backs and take the food directly from the water surface.

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