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My first encounter with this colorful and popular species happened many years ago. The owner of my local fish store managed to breed the German Blue Ram, a colorful domestic bred strain of , in one of his tanks at home. He had one gorgeous male left which I had to take home. Unfortunately, it took a while before I was able to find a female for him. A few weeks later the same store got a shipment of German Blue Rams in. I bought two good looking females with bright pink bellies. Those females were very short lived. Unfortunately, I ended up buying more females every time they got a shipment in.

My absolute favorite fish. Blue Ram. Can’t wait to have another big freshwater tank.

Unfortunately, excessive interbreeding of captive fish has often resulted in smaller fish with weaker color displays, along with malformed and damaged fry. Constantly reintroducing wild caught fish into the breeding pool can help keep the lines healthier. Also some females being bred in Asia are loaded up with hormones to make their color vivid. The results of this have been infertility and death within a few months. These fish are generally sold under the "German Blue Ram" label. To avoid these specimens, purchase from a reputable dealer, a local breeder, or obtain wild caught fish.

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Blue Ram - Dwarf Cichlid: I like these fish even if they are a bit aggressive. German Blue Rams are very peaceful cichlids that mix well with other peaceful community fish. They should not be kept with highly active fish like Tiger Barbs and other larger or more aggressive fish. If picked on by other fish, they may shy away and hide. They can be kept with , and other peaceful dwarf cichlids like Bolivian Rams, Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlids, and .

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Ram cichlids become relatively easy to sex as they reach early adulthood, which for such a little cichlid fish, doesn’t take long. Almost all of the commercially available rams I’ve seen over the years, both farmed and wild-caught, have been of sexable age and size. There are a number of traits to use, and we’ll get to the secondary ones in a moment, but the easiest way to sex rams is by looking at the black mid-lateral blotch. In males, there are none of the bright blue spangles inside the blotch, whereas in females, there is. You may have to spend a little time looking at the rams in your dealer’s aquarium to see the difference, given angles of light and all that, but it is the absolute surest method of assigning gender to a few intended for your aquarium.

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