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To have a successful reef aquarium, adequate light is absolutely required. Reef tanks contain soft and hard corals which harbor zooxanthellae. The zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae) must thrive in order for the coral to live. To do this they need the correct amount of light (intensity) at the right wavelength (peak absorption). Actinic lights provide a concentrated light wavelength that promotes photosynthesis. If only actinic lamps are used, however, the water color in the tank will be very blue which is not visually appealing and the light is not intensive enough for the other processes of the aquarium inhabitants. Therefore a reef tank should have a combination of one actinic lamp and one or two daylight lamps for each 30 gallons of water. The daylight lamp can be either a metal halide bulb or daylight fluorescent lamp (preferably HO or VHO). The color temperature of the bulb or lamp should be 5,000 to 6,000 ¡K.

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The GloFish Blue LED Aquarium Light is designed to convert existing aquariums to an eye-catching GloFish environment. These lights feature blue LEDs that highlight the fluorescent colors of the fish. Use one for a 5-10 gallon aquarium or two for a 20-55 gallon aquarium.

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Single Bright Blue LED Aquarium Lighting System | Marineland White aquarium lights tend to be used as natural moonlights. Blue lights also can be used as moonlights but white is thought to be more natural. Moonlighting is a term given to lighting that simulates the glow a moon gives off at night. It can help stimulate reproduction in some corals and other invertebrates, even a few select fish and creates a more natural environment. Blue lighting can also be used as purely decoration purposes. Red lighting can be used to view nocturnal creatures without disturbing then since it seems that most can not see red light. You also can use the lights during the day to create different types of features in your tank. An example is putting one by a air stone and shining the light upwards creating blue, green, or red bubbles.

Aqueon T8 Actinic Blue Light Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp, 17 Watts

Daytime Viewing – We recommend a blue wavelength light (such as those available on ). A blue light will give GloFish an exciting and uniquely fluorescent look, particularly in low lighting environments. Alternatively, a traditional white aquarium light (such as a fluorescent or halogen light) will work well for daytime use.

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