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Fishery managers in eastern states where blue and flathead catfish have been introduced are in a significant predicament. All state fishery agencies have a similar mission: provide fishing opportunities for anglers while conserving fishery resources. If all they had to do was conserve, their decision would be easy: get rid of non-native catfish. Easy to say, virtually impossible to do. But even if eradication were possible, fishing license sales pay the bills, and managers truly enjoy providing satisfying fishing opportunities. So any actions must consider what anglers want or, more realistically, what they are willing to accept.

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, our team's General Manager, began growing catfish over 35 years ago and previously owned F& F Fish Farm, a very successful catfish farm. Dennis is a hands on General Manager and is considered to be one of the best in his field. Dennis is the past President of CAA and currently an active Board Member, and has been involved with CAA for years to better the industry. Prior to becoming the Imperial Catfish General Manager, Dennis worked at KENT SEATECH CORP., for many years as their Senior Fish Culturist. Mike and Danny, our Managers from our St. Anthony's Fish Farm have been in the aquaculture business nearly all their lives and are regarded as two of the best hatchery and fingerling experts around. Mike is also one of our main delivery drivers and he also helps operate our heavy equipment. Danny is our main heavy equipment operator and is the best catfish pond builder in the business. Currently, Danny and Mike are hard at work building our 12 new catfish ponds. , is the Imperial Catfish Farm Manager. He has worked on the Farm for many years and is responsible for much of our past success. Arturo holds degrees in Oceanography and has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of aquaculture. We call Arturo our efficiency and production expert. He is responsible for monitoring all of our fish inventory, which is a difficult job to do. Our accomplished team is fully self-sufficient and is responsible for making Imperial Catfish, probably the largest producer of channel catfish in California this year!!

Our Farms produce millions of live catfish each year for the wholesale live food markets, recreational fishing lakes, and fingerling sales. Our primary stock is the "Silver" Channel Catfish or "Super Cats". We also have a growing supply of Blue Catfish. Pick-up and Delivery is available. Demand is high for our "Silver" catfish and each year we sell all of the catfish we can produce. Now, demand for our catfish is even greater because many of the long time catfish producers in the area have either gone out of business or have sold out to other entities that no longer grow catfish as their primary source of business. If you are one of our existing customers, our goal is to produce enough of catfish to be able to adequately supply all of your needs and with our recent expansion, it look like we should be able to meet that goal.

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Kayaks for Sale - 57 pound Blue Catfish at Milford, caught by Marty Schmiedeler 4 57 pound Blue Catfish at Milford, caught by Marty Schmiedeler 4-8-13 Consumers who have heard only heard about the blue catfish can increasingly find their white, malleable meat for sale at the grocery store, in cheap fish tacos from a taco truck and even at the .

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Imperial Catfish Farm supplies live channel and blue catfish to the Asian food markets throughout Southern California and to many live fish brokers who also supply food markets, restaurants and seafood brokers. Imperial Catfish is the only farm in California that has a large supply of blue catfish, which are highly sought after, giving the Farm a major marketing advantage. . The Farm also supplies and delivers live catfish to most of the recreational fishing lakes throughout Southern California. Live catfish sales are split approximately 50% to the Asian food markets and 50% to the recreational fishing lakes. The State of California has restrictions on the importation of live catfish across the border due to disease issues from other states. As such, the catfish sold in the live market and stocked in California, are grown in California.

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