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Apple iPhone 6s Wallpaper with Red and Blue Betta Fish and Dark Background in 750x1334

I have been breeding bettas for about a year and a half, and have had about ten or so successful spawns. It first started with a trip to the Local Pet Store (seems it always starts this way!) when I left with a pair of red/blue bettas, a ten gallon tank, a filter, food and a book on the care of the fish. Suffice to say, they didn't survive long, and I never got them to breed. I continued to buy more from the pet store and finally got a couple of spawns to take place. I went on the Net, did a bit of searching, and had a couple of shipments of IBC (International Betta Congress) quality bettas sent to me. I started breeding them, and to this day, I breed and show my fish and have won many CAOAC awards for my bettas. (They love me, they really love me!!).

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Apple iPhone 6s Wallpaper with Red and Blue Betta Fish and Dark Background in 750x1334 i just got a betta the other day and he is beautiful he is red, white, and blue with a shade of purple. I named him sparky he flares a lot and you cant put any kind of fish with him

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I have had bettas for the past 4 years now. I named them Shimmer, Aqua, Lava, Flame, Jem, Rain, Moonlight and Striker. Moonlight is a blue betta and Striker is a red with a hint of green. Those two bettas are currently alive. I usually have bettas that last a year. Thats pretty long for a betta. I love these beautiful fish. They are just so pretty and very easy to care for.

My Betta fish was blue and now he is turning red