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The Molly is a tropical fish that prefers a little salt in their water. A teaspoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of water will go a long way in helping them. You may also see them in saltwater tanks from time to time. There is a local reef store here that keeps black molly fish in a regular saltwater tank with similar sized species. The molly is a very attractive tropical fish that comes in many different colors such as orange, green and black. Some of the more popular varieties include the sailfin, balloon and the dalmation.

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The marine category encompasses a diverse array of attractive and intriguing species. Clownfish are a popular marine species known for their bright stripes and cheerful demeanor. Distinctive physical features make and Lionfish an interesting addition to a marine aquarium. Brackish species may not be as vibrant as tropical marine fish, but they are easier to care for. Large Scats and Archerfish are popular for big brackish tanks. Smaller brackish species include the Black Molly and the Bumblebee ..

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Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Half Black Freshwater Angelfish There is parking close to the store. No matter what type of pet you have, you can find great savings on pet supplies at Black Shark Tropical Fish in Lewiston.

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The zebra danio is a great tropical fish for beginners, and very popular. They’re hardy, active and cute, and you’ll probably want a small group of them in your tank. These little guys have black and white stripes down the length of their bodies, which is how they got their name, but other danio strains may have spots.

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Can anyone identify this fish? He is a shy fellow who was hiding under the same section of reef two days in a row along the shore at Kaanapali, Maui. He is not in my tropical fish guide and can't find him online. He is not a Black Spot Sergeant which is whitish with charcoal stripes. As you can see he is deep black with white stripes. Thanks. Black Molly - Swordtail Half Breed - tropical fish tank. I gather they call that a cross-breed Molly/Swordtail. Here is an update on OBI, as we named him (Orange Black kenobI). This is a mix breed. Half Black Molly and half Tropical Swordtail fish. Here was original video of the Black Molly-Sowrdtail fry:

In the first video posted on Christmas 2012, some commented that this was biologically not possible. Mollies en Swordtails cannot breed with each other. Then again, others said Swordtails can breed with Black Mollies. I think that this is, proof in the pudding - proof in the aquarium - a Black Molly and a Swordtail can breed and produce fry or baby fish!

"can mollies and platys or swordtails breed?" See forum post:

Half Breed in the living of a Black Molly - Swordtail cross-breed or mix on video. Black Molly - Swordtail fry!For years, well really nearly 3 decades, my father and I have been raising tropical freshwater fish. Occasionally the tank will somehow acquire a growth of black algae.