The first fish I have added are 4 black skirt tetras

The Black skirt tetra fish is a sturdy fish and so it is apt for a fresh a n aquarist. As the black skirt tetras hail from the sub tropical regional waters, it prefers the temperature that is similar to the aquariums of the tropics. Maintain the temperature in between 20 and 26° C (68 and 79° F).

Black Skirt Tetra is a free spawning (egg scattering) fish and shows no parental care.

It has an oval shaped and highly laterally compressed body with curved anal fin. It has a silver body color while the fins are mostly black with two or three black vertical bands. First vertical band crosses the fish eye, the second one starts at the opercula endings and the third one starts just below the dorsal fin. The caudal fin is translucent with moderately forked while the dorsal and anal fins are black. The anal fin that forms a broad skirt and it can vary from black to translucent depending on mood and breeding activity. The black stripes that tend to lengthen with age. It is omnivorous and in wild it feeds on insects, crustaceans and worms. In captivity it generally eats all kinds of live or frozen foods such as bloodworms, Daphnia, glass worms and Cyclops, fresh foods and flake foods. The fish likes soft and acidic water with pH of 5.8-8.5, hardness of 5° to 20° dGH and temperature of 70.0 to 79.0° F. It can grow up to 7.5 cm in length and it can start breeding when it becomes just 4 cm long. It can live up to 7 years or more with proper care.

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The black skirt tetra is a common fish that is widely available for purchase. I don't know what the life span is of a black skirt but I have had both of mine for almost 4 years now and they have survived major disease outbreaks in my tank they are by far the most disease resistant fish I have ever had From: Leeda

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Despite being larger than many fish (guppies, small tetras), I have not had any problems with black skirt tetras becoming aggressive around them. They are very hardy fish. I purchased 3 "hi-fin" black skirt tetras 2.5 years ago when I first began the hobby, and kept them in a 5 gallon tank. Since then they have graduated to a 20 gallon community, and are still lively and healthy. An excellent addition to a calm community, they act as a centerpiece In groups of 3 or more.

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Black skirt tetras reach an adult size of about 2.5 inches (6.35 cm). They are peaceful, shoaling fishlike the other tetra species. You can keep them in a community tank as long as theother inhabitants aren't aggressive. Be sure to keep at least 4, and preferably 6, black skirttetras together in your tank. You should also have plants in your tank. In fact, most fish feel more comfortable ina heavily planted tank. Black skirt tetras usually occupy the middle layers of the aquarium.