of him i just wanted some help with giving him the perfect name.

For my son's 6th birthday I decided to purchase for him a 55 gal aquarium. I intended to get only black moors, but instead I purchased (a few days after the aquarium was setup so as to establish the water conditioner and pH balance) 3 black moors, 2 ryukin, 1 calico fantail, and finally a pair of pleco. After placing them in their new home they have rapidly established a happy little community, and all of them take turns taunting the pleco. The entire goldfish community ranges in size around 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inch. They look like babies in that massive tank, and they all are showing off their personalities, such as the one who likes to follow my wife's finger gently placed on the outside surface of the tank. My children adore them and so do I. I have happily decided to add this site to my favorite's list and will be visiting often so as to have an informational collective that they may thrive and reach the 4-10" range. I will eventually post the names as soon as we figure out who's who in their happy little community!

+ Check Compatibility. Scientific Name, Carassius auratus, Puntius tetrazona. Common Names, Black Moor Goldfish, Tiger Barb. Care Level, Easy, Easy.

My goldfishes names are Rupert (Jr.) (oranda) because my dad had a goldfish named Rupert when he was growing up, Popeye (black moor) because one of his eyes poped (it's better now), Ghirardelli (oranda) because he is a chocolate goldfish (get it, like ghiradelli chocolate!), Splash (calico egg goldfish) because he has a color splash because he is calico, Pumpkin (pearlscale oranda) because he is round and orange like a pumpkin, and Lucky (common) because he was a feeder fish and I rescued him from being eaten, so he is lucky. Hope you like these names!

Clever Goldfish Names? Help Me Find One - My Goldfish Died?

So I bought a small black moor gold fish, he is just so awesome he is black .. An extensive FAQ, and buying guide, on Black Moor Goldfish addressing the proper way to care for a Black Moor Goldfish (generally applies to all fancy goldfish), including information on adequate tank size, feeding, acceptable water temperatures, pH levels, best and appropriate tankmates, signs and symptoms of illness, and breeding and sexing.Common names

I just got a Blackmoor species so I want his name to be perfect

The Black Moor is basically a black version of the though its eyes don't protrude quite as far. The dark color and distinctive, bulging eyes have given rise to some descriptive names, such as the Dragon Eye Goldfish and Black Peony Goldfish. Black Moor juveniles are a dark bronze with flat eyes. As they mature, they become black, and their eyes begin to telescope.

Hello, I just got 4 new goldfish today

We have 6 new Goldfish and their names are:
Calico Fantail- Daisy
Fantail- Fifi
Black Moor- Miki
2 Red Cap Oranda- Lily & Lucky
Ryukin- Sandee