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Black lights should not be used to heat or illuminate a fish tank. Fish need aquarium lighting that’s designed to provide the natural lighting they would receive in the wild. Because black lights are ultraviolet, it’s only safe to use them in small doses. A black light in the 315 to 380 nm range is the least harmful. Use the black light in small doses, such as an hour or so a day, to light up clownfish, neon tetras and other fishes with fluorescent, white or silver coloring.

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I know they make some 'glofish kits' that have blacklights in them. Even the glofish site says not to leave it on all night, though. And the welfare of the fish is questionable by just the size of the tanks that are usually labeled as 'glofish' tanks, its all novelty to the sellers.

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Newest Mini USB LCD Desktop Lamp Light Fish Tank Multi- fonction Aquarium Light LED Clock White Black... I've seen blacklights used in some Fish stores but usually only in glofish tanks so that buyers would be more anxious to get a brightly glowing fish. Which is a heated debate among many aquarists. Some sellers claim their glofish (which are actually zebrafish) are genetically mutated to glo, and some will even go as far as to say that the mutation is natural and bred by selection. Others state that their fish are simply injected with dyes and many buyers have no problem with this while others think its the most cruel thing in the world. Either way this isn't a fish I consider supporting the development and sale of if that is the case.

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Plants do not need a moonlight. Using a black light on romantic evenings to display your fish tank will not hurt your plants. The black light, also known as a “moon light”, is only for aesthetics.

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With the growing popularity and availability of fish like and decorations like our own line, “glow-in-the-dark” and fluorescent aquariums are becoming more and more common. Most of these animals and decorations are brightly colored in any light but under special lighting, the colors will really glow. There are two main kinds of light that are used in these aquariums: “blacklights” and actinic lights. Knowing the difference between these two can play an important role in making your tank really stand out, as well as in keeping it healthy. For this blog, we will be focusing in general terms only for community aquariums. Aquarium with invertebrates and corals will have different needs since their light requirements are much more specific and extensive.Received 48 Inch LED High Efficiency Lighting System With Lunar LEDs create a shimmering light that simulates natural sun-light, and perfect mixture of 10,000k Day-Light and 460NM Lunar diodes provide excellent color. This video NOT artificially enhanced & either are the Glo-Fish..This is the "lunar" (blacklight basically) setting. Soooo much prettier than my old cheap ones. I'll post another video tomorrow during the day with the 10000 K white plant lights on. They're sleeping right now.

FYI this tank is for sale delivered and setup within one hour of Columbus including everything and livestock $1,200. PM me for further details on the equipment and any questions. This is 55 gallons I want to do a 75 gallon GloFish aquarium