Black lights should not be used to heat or illuminate a fish tank

Artificial vs. Natural beauty... Becoming a common sight in pet stores - Glo-fish. The fish were genetically altered with a protein gene originally injected from jellyfish to make them fluorescent in an aquarium fitted with black light. Welcome to the future.

Glofish - these zebra danios are genetically engineered to glow under blacklight.

Scientific reasonings or not if you aren't catching fish I would just change your technique(s) since there are people on both side of the fence but the fact is people still catch fish at night with black lights visible to the fish, it just depends on how anal you want to be about the lights or how much you want to use that as an excuse when you don't catch fish

My Black Light Fish Tank - YouTube

Still looking and trying to decide on a "blacklight" for night fishing! Fluorescent colors glow under a black light, so any fish that features fluorescents should produce a unique look under UV lighting. A color is only fluorescent if it’s able to absorb light at the right wavelength. Ideally, the fish’s coloring should be capable of absorbing long-wave UV, or black light. The light is then reflected back on the viewer to produce a glowing effect. In general, look for fish that feature bright colors, such as the neon yellow tetra or the brightly colored queen angelfish.

i was wondering if theres any fish that will glow under a blacklight?

Making the choice between using actinic or blacklights for your glowing aquarium depends on when or how you would like to view it. and are both available with a variety of actinic and blacklight option. Both actinic lights and blacklights make things glow when the light they produce is reflected off of the fluorescent pigments in the object, whether this is light we can see (actinic) or light we can’t (blacklight). These pigments could be in the artificial coloration of an ornament or plants, or in the proteins or cells of a living creature, either artificially or naturally. Many plants and animals that we don’t think of as “glowing” have pigments that are fluorescent under the ultraviolet range. This can help them to blend in or stand out to other animals that can see this range that we can’t. Fish like GloFish have been enhanced with proteins from these fluorescent creatures at their embryotic stages so they can share in these glowing traits.

Blacklight Fish Tank w/Glofish - YouTube

No more fishing around with this catch! These great looking fish are fluorescent under blacklight. They are each 22" long with a moving mouth. The puppeteer's hand enters from the bottom (belly area) of the fish. The mouth has finger straps and a ball pad for extra grip and ease in manipulation.Black lights should not be used to heat or illuminate a fish tank. Fish need aquarium lighting that’s designed to provide the natural lighting they would receive in the wild. Because black lights are ultraviolet, it’s only safe to use them in small doses. A black light in the 315 to 380 nm range is the least harmful. Use the black light in small doses, such as an hour or so a day, to light up clownfish, neon tetras and other fishes with fluorescent, white or silver coloring.