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Black telescope goldfish are popular because they are hardy fish and because their black color sets them apart from the more common gold color. Goldfish are typically easy to care for. Black moors in particular are able to withstand a wide variety of temperatures. They do well with other fancy goldfish varieties.

Black Moors, and other fancy goldfish, can live up to twenty-some years with proper care

I am worried about my Black Moor goldfish. I bought a ten gallon tank in January and my fish (Waddle Fish) shortly after. He has been doing well, but has not grown much and now has a coat of white dots (think salt) all over his body. I was told this is called Ick. My husband is getting medicine for it tonight. But, other then that I have no knowledge of this. I've moved him into a goldfish bowl that I bought as a nurse tank. Was this the right thing to do? I am also working on draining and cleaning his home tank and saving the aquarium plants.
And I am also concerned I am not feeding him properly. I only give him Tetra Goldfish food. I fear I am hurting my little friend by being undereducated on goldfish care. Please help.

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Eyes of Fishes - Proper care of a Black Moor Goldfish results in an amazing black coat. Pinned by ORCA sub The Goldfish is a favorite fish for many. How many of us didn't keep them at one time or another? Goldfish are usually very hardy fish and they can live in temperatures ranging from 40°F - 90°F (4°C - 32°C). It is important to note that this fish has an extremely long lifespan if cared for properly, so getting one can become a long term commitment. Many varieties of this fish are available with many different markings, fancy varieties and colors including gold, orange, white and black.

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An extensive FAQ, and buying guide, on Black Moor Goldfish addressing the proper way to care for a Black Moor Goldfish (generally applies to all fancy goldfish), including information on adequate tank size, feeding, acceptable water temperatures, pH levels, best and appropriate tankmates, signs and symptoms of illness, and breeding and sexing.

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