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This medium sized, stocky shark is a dark grey-blue to brown on top with white underneath, and has its name-sake black tipped fins. They prefer to hunt schooling fish, often swimming quickly through a school and snapping up prey, and even breaching the water surface because of their momentum. They are generally timid sharks, but because they inhabit shallower waters (less than 100 ft), encounters with humans while they are hunting result in bites and other wounds (but no recorded fatalities).

and to verify its the black fin "shark" catfish or the colombian catfish.

Not one of the most colorful of fish, the Columbian shark is a basic sliver in color with a white underside. The fins are black and white-tipped. The color contrasts fade with age.

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Clip of Chris Bishop and Mike Croke with their Blackfin Shark Fishing Rods they won from the 2009 Blacktip Challenge Shark Fishing tournament. The blacktip reef shark is regularly caught in inshore fisheries. It is utilized for its fins and meat, but has limited market value due to its small size. This species is important in aquaria and for dive tourism.

I have two of the Columbia Catfish (Black Finned Sharks), they're ..

The blacktip shark is a targeted species in a number of commercial fisheries, including the longline fishery off the southeast coast of the U.S. where it comprises about 7% of the catch. It is also regularly captured in fixed bottom nets and in shrimp trawls. The meat is used for fish meal or sold in local markets for human consumption. The fins are sold to Asian markets. The hides have also been used for leather.

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i purchased a black fin shark, however he was injured in the bagging process and they caught another for me. they let me keep the first one in case he recovered and to my surprise he did! in the slow process of setting up a 55 gallon so i figured they could mature in there.... however the tank is far from done. my intention was to house them with my gourami and other docile fish.... but the 55 was intended for african cichlids. and to make matters worse the cichlids are being stored in my 25 gallon.... so i put them in my 10 gallon quarantine with my gourami and a hand full of guppies. i know ur probably all thinking im nuts and there are so many things wrong... basically what i need to kno is if they will survive with the cichlids. they all seem docile except for my red zebra. i also need to know how long they can stay in the ten gallon if at all. they are still under 2 inches and im nervous to put them in with such aggressive fish at such a young age. also how long can they live in freshwater? i know they prefer brackish conditions but iv had bad experiences with catfish and salt. any other information on the breed would also be appreciated.Help black tipped shark catfish dying 1/26/12
I have a 60 gallon bow front and 2-7" shark cats. I have had these2 for a little over a year. Today when I arrived home from work theywere both nearing death with scratches on them and what looks like aslime covering their body. All of their fins were shredded, swollenanuses, a film over their eyes, and these guys have been in greathealth up until today. About 3 weeks ago I lost my first fish in yearsin this tank. He was a 7" electric blue acai cichlid. I amconcerned about what is causing this. I did a 50% water change, addedsome salt, and dosed the tank with Melafix. Symptomsare unnoticed until they are floating and I watch my fish nightly.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Do also review your choice of medication; Melafix isn't much ratedas a cure, despite it's cheap price and attractive marketing. Atbest, it's a preventative, something to use if a fish is damaged bytransit or fighting
but not yet infected or sick. My guess would be these fish are sickbecause of a poor environment, and until you fix their world, theyaren't going to get any better. Cheers, Neale.>