+One of my fantail goldfish has developed a black spot on top just in

Both the black and Panda Moor are a type of telescopic eye goldfish. Black moors as their name imply are black fish. While young they may appear as a bronze fantail, the black coloration and eye protrusion develop with age. Their black color can also fade with age and exposure to warm temperatures. Black moors can range in color from pale gray to dark black. It is unlikely for a black moor to stay pure black it’s whole life, most change color and have a rust or golden underbelly. Panda moors are much like black moors except they are white with black markings.

I currently have one fantial goldfish in my 14gal tank but am looking to upgrade to a 40gal and get a black moor as well.

I just got two goldfish a fantailed with a white body and orange fins and a Black Moor. I named them Ying (for the white) and Yang (for the black). My question is Yang has been kinda pushing Ying around they aren’t hurting each other as I’ve observed but should I be concerned?

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My black moor goldfish is pushing my telescopic fantail goldfish around the tank Since there are so many goldfish types available in stores today, it’s impossible not to find at least a few that attract your eye. Even if you think you might have found the perfect goldfish, you should make purchasing decisions wisely and . You should also cycle your aquarium before buying your first goldfish from the pet store to ensure that your aquarium nitrogen cycle (this will make maintaining good water quality easier). Slim-bodied goldfish, fantails, black moors, and ryukins are generally recommended for goldfish owners just starting out.

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I have 1 common goldfish, one black moore and one fantail...it may just be my fish but they are extremely well together..im 14 so all of them are pretty easy to take care of lol if the common one gets really big, bigger than the others you might have to buy a biger tank lol good luck

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Lotsa Color: Fantail goldfish come in very bright colors with a great deal of variety -- particularly in the calicos. Then you throw in the reds, the whites, and the redundant black moors and you come up with a combination of colors that’s difficult to beat.In an urban area, you might venture to keep fantail goldfish or black moors in a tub on a balcony with a water lily. Where I live I would be afraid these would be eaten by a visiting heron.White Fantails: Not your average goldfish, white fantails add an excellent contrast to a tank of gold, calico, or black fantails. Lots of finnage on this exceptional specimen. True ryukins have a higher back and a higher dorsal fin. Good looking fish.It’s tempting, especially if you have a large tank, to add some different fish in with your goldfish. Goldfish aren’t tropical fish and prefer cooler water that wouldn’t be healthy for tropical fish. Goldfish also will eat any fish small enough to fit in their mouths. The best tank mates for goldfish are other goldfish. Since fancy goldfish, like fantails, are slower swimmers than common goldfish, like comets, fancy goldfish should be kept only with other fancy goldfish. If you want to get another goldfish as a pal for your fantail, consider a black moor, oranda or ryukin goldfish.