black comet goldfish | Goldfish - My new black Comets (:

The Black Comet Goldfish is one of the most beautiful ornamental aquarium fish due to their brilliant coloration and hardiness. It can be distinguished from the common goldfish by its long, single and deeply forked caudal fin. It belongs to the family Cyprinidae under order Cypriniformes of class Actinopterygii. It is now one of the best known and most widespread fish in the aquarium hobby.

black comet goldfish | Black Comet Goldfish Veiltail Black Comet

The reason to spend $2 - $5 (and a lot more than that) has more to do with genetics than size. With the Comets and Common Goldfish were breed to be red or white. As with most fish, birds and mammals juvenile coloration is different from adult coloration. For Comets and Common Goldfish the normal juvenile coloration is orange or bronze (brown, olive, and some people call it black)..17 feeders, you never know what you will get. Most will end up being orange or red common goldfish. A few will end up being orange or red comets, and a few will end up being the wild-type color in either common or comet body configurations. Virtually none of them will end up being shubunkins or sarasas. The more expensive ones are bred for their color and confirmation, and are more likely to end up being what you expect them to be. The shubunkins are not going to lose their black, the sarasas are not going to lose their white, and the comets will have long flowing fins and tails. It is unlikely you will get that from the feeder tank. It could just be the batch that I picked my feeders from, but I had a number of absolutely beautiful comets and sarassas from my feeder tank selection. Long flowing tails on the comets and sarassas that had some beautiful red and white on them. For 17 cents I couldn't have been happier, and ended up selling them for like $5 a piece when they were a few years old because they were so nice.

Goldfish - Gorgeous long finned black comet

are they a cross between a Black Moor & comet goldfish?-Orandas from China Sorry, I haven't been back, work has been crazy. We got 3 shubunkins and 1 red and white comet. They are beautiful!! Unfortunately, I had a Great Blue Heron around a few days later. I tried scaring him away. I hadn't seen him in a LONG time. I went to work and sadly, I think he came back and got the largest shubunkin and the little red and white comet. Of course those were our two favorite additions :(
As for the black comet. Since I started this post, I have seen some orange/gold popping through on his lower fins. It hasn't spread yet but perhaps he is starting to turn. Regardless, he is beautiful! His fins are so long and flowing! He doesn't have barbles and is about 6-7 inches so I do believe he is a comet.
Our UV filter was turned on a couple of weeks ago and the water has been getting soo clear. I can now see him so much better. I will try to get some good pics of my pond and the fish again :)

Goldfish - Gorgeous long finned black comet

Your picture looks very much like my Molly (black fish) and Ito (comet). Not sure what the black ones are called. Molly started out black, stayed that way for 5 years until her death.

Goldfish - Gorgeous long finned black comet

Nice fish... I'm thinking about getting a couple of black comets which strangely don't have the deeply forked tail... they have big long tails but with very little fork. A different look for sure.Feeding Peas to my Goldfish (Black Comet)

My black comet goldfish love to eat peas. I am feeding them some partly cooked peas in this video.