Live koi fish 8" Yamatonishiki Butterfly Yellow-Black Long fin Koibay

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Live koi fish Kujaku Butterfly Black Long fin Koibay in Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquariums, Live Fish

IDENTIFICATION: Butterfly Koi are a beautiful, elegant fish. As with the domestic koi, these fish exhibit a wide array of color patterns and variations, ranging from white, yellow, red and black to fish with a combination of these colors. As the name suggests, butterfly koi have long, flowing fins, resembling the clean lines of butterfly wings. This species has the potential to grow to an amazing three feet long.


Live koi fish Kujaku Butterfly Black Long fin Koibay in Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquariums, Live Fish Butterfly Koi For Sale Varieties - Butterfly koi varieties are determined by the actual color, the pattern of those colors on the longfin koi and the scales patterns of the butterfly koi fish. With no two butterfly koi being identical, the varieties are really limitless. The majority of our butterfly koi colors consist of white, cream, red, orange, yellow, blue and black. There are several popular varieties of butterfly koi, and their names and brief descriptions are listed above.

Live koi fish 15-16" Sanke Red Black-White Butterfly Koibay

About the only thing better than the sorogoi is the black butterfly; which is just one of the coolest fish in the world. These fish are pretty rare so their effect is made even more special. You can find a black butterfly Koi with scales or without them. The most valuable and rare of thee fish are the doitsu, karasu butterfly. This butterfly fish has a black body, lacks scales, and has long fins. “Karasu” is the Japanese word for “crow”, which may explain the name.


When it comes to butterfly Koi adults it doesn’t get much more incredible than the sorogoi. The sorogoi Koi has an overall grey body with a “fukurin” or black fish net pattern. If you were to take this color and apply it to the more impressive fully grown butterfly Koi you would have something that looks like some majestic sea monster gliding in the water. It doesn’t look as attractive at first thanks to the grey colors but you’ll quickly notice the graceful body and the awy the fins move around and you find yourself drawn to how robust and mysterious the grey fish is.It’s impossible to discuss butterfly Koi without talking about their fins. The reason that the fins on the butterfly Koi can grow so long is due to a genetic defect. This abberation means that the genes that cause the fins to grow fail to deactivate, causing the fins to continue growing. The fins of a fish are genetically coded to stop growing at a certain point. Thanks to the mutation the genes of a butterfly Koi don’t receive the signal to stop growing. This kind of mutation also shows up occasionally in other fish species. It can be found in Siamese fighting fish, the long fin Oscars, the Simpson’s high fin swordtails, and the long fin black tetra. If this mutation is discovered in a species and identified then it will often be bred into the species to find out if the species becomes worth more commercially as a result.