biOrb 60 - tropical or freshwater fish tanks - amazing!

I have made this short video of my new 60L BiOrb setup, which I love :). I have 2 gold fish peacefully playing together. Up until 6/7 years ago I always kept tropical fish, so I hope I can maintain and enjoy gold fish as much as I did tropical? I hope I have a large enough tank for the 2 gold fish I have, as I know they grow to a fair size. I know the basics of fish keeping but any advice on keeping Gold fish would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my Biorb?
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Unlike many other fish tanks on the market today, the Biorb fish tank comes with a complete set up kit. This start up kit contains everything you will need to care for your tropical fish and give them a good home. You will find the necessary lights and filters that you will need to enjoy your fish the very first night you bring them home. In addition, you will find an array of accessories, such as ornaments and plants, to decorate your fish tank.

Life in the Orb (my 30 litre biOrb tropical fish tank) - YouTube

REEF-ONE-BIORB-HALO-30L-60L-LED-LIGHT-FISH-TANK-AQUARIUM-TROPICAL-COLD-WATER If you want a more elaborate and extensive setup with tropical or coldwater fish, the larger classic BiOrb (BiOrb Classic 30/60/105) will work for you. If you want to start a saltwater aquarium but do not have much experience or space, the BiOrb Classic 105 (28 gallons) is a great tank. The larger BiOrb tank you use, the easier for you to maintain a reef tank setup.

Life in the Orb (my 30 litre biOrb tropical fish tank)

Designed to become the focal point of the room, the Biorb fish tank comes in a wide variety of designs and styles to fit your tastes. You will also find that it is easy to maintain, and clean, your tropical fish tank. This ease of maintenance will cut the time that you spend cleaning your fish tank down significantly. You will have more time to enjoy your tropical fish.

BiOrb Life 60 fish tank with tropical/coldwater fish - Duration: 2:15