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The biOrb CLASSIC is most definitely worth the slightly higher price tag that it carries. It’s modern, elegant design and excellent filtration system mean that it is the perfect aquarium for any fish keeper, new or old.

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The includes everything needed to convert a biOrb 30 (8 gallons), 60 (16 gallons) or biUbe into a marine aquarium. The Biorb Conversion Kit has been designed to be an ideal introduction to marine fishkeeping.

The biorb marine upgrade kit is supplied with 4 pieces of imitation porous modular live rock, premeasured high quality reef grade marine salt (produced to the highest European standards), unique marine filter cartridge, Hydrometer/thermometer, 2 artificial plants, a bottle of Instant Aquarium 2 (Beneficial Bacteria Booster), high quality Marine fish pellet food sample pack and halogen light gasket. A full set-up guide, water level measure and water testing record are also supplied.

aquarium orbs | Biorb Fish Tanks Biorb Life 30 Biorb Life 30 Black

BiOrb Life Fish Tanks Collection - BiOrb Life 30L, 45L and 60L in white, red and black. as for stocking, stick to very small tetras, maybe harlequin rasboras, male guppies are beautiful and very showy, and if you only get males then over stocking with babies obviously wont be an issue. i would say 8-10 male guppies maximum. i personally would not add any bottom feeders as the floor area is so small. the problem with bi-orbs is the surface area is so small in comparison to the water volume that oxygen saturation will be fairly low,in essence its a big fish bowl. which in general means less fish. you could go for a single betta fish in there, but i have found them to be somewhat boring as they tend to laze around a lot if they dont have much to do, which in a small tank like yours they wont.

aquarium orbs | Biorb Fish Tanks Biorb Life 30 Biorb Life 30 Black

For Biorb & BiUbe parts and accessories, including filters, heaters, and service kits, please visit the following page of our online store: and

Before placing fish into your BiOrb or BiUbe aquarium, please consult your local fish store for appropriate methods of starting and cycling your aquarium, as well as finding the right fish species and quantity of fish needed in order to maintain a healthy fish environment in your BiOrb or BiUbe.

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The Biorb Fish Tank comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes so I'm just going to talk about the newest biorb tanks, the Biorb Life Aquariums. One big complaint about the classic biorb tanks has been solved with the biorb life tanks; they have more surface area which allows fish such as Bettas to get more oxygenation.The largest biorb life is 16 gallons, which means you are still limited as to the type and number of fish you can house, but 16 gallons gives you plenty of options for a smaller aquarium in a home or office. It is very pricey, which is the biggest downside, but, if money isn't an issue the biorb life aquariums look great and will serve your needs as long as you choose your fish wisely.Since the classic biorbs are curved there is limited water surface area for the size of the tank. Because of the higher water surface area of the biorblife it works better for fish than the classic biorb fish tanks do. It looks great, the only downside is the filters that need to be bought to maintain the aquarium, although most external filters also have media and sponges that need to be replaced occasionally.
The baby biOrb does not provide a large enough environment for marine fish and we strongly recommend against converting a baby biOrb into marine aquarium.

If you are interested in converting a Baby biOrb for shrimps then we would suggest you purchase a Marine Service Kit as this includes enough Reef Salt for the Baby biOrb and includes the marine filter cartridge.