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Another important aspect of aerobic filtration is that the faster and more ammonia and nitrites your aquarium bio filter processes the more nitrates your aquarium will have in the end. This is especially noteworthy for marine aquariums which is why I would recommend live rock crumbles, volcanic rock, Matrix or similar filter media that has deep pores to perform de-nitrification via anaerobic bacteria and why my consideration many years back of a large bio wheel system for a marine tank was/is a bad one.

Will the extra bio-filtration provide any additional benefit for my aquarium?

Bio-Fusion Designs will be starting its touring for Aquatic Industry Trade Shows, as well as, the local Home & Garden Show circuit – starting in February 2017. We will have a “one of kind” custom – themed – temporary aquarium display at our shows like we do each year along with new custom water wall displays, bubble panels, etc. We will be posting the finalized dates & locations soon !!!

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As well, this hidden bio-load may be under rocks and other decorations,  in marine aquariums. Live plants make awesome additions to your aquarium bio filter system, so much so that some aquarium experts recommend reserving an algae wall in your tank, where you allow the green gunk to grow unmolested. A more appealing and decorative choice is to have a planted aquarium. There are a wide variety of potted, rooted and free-floating fish tank plants. The ones you choose will be based on the type of fish you want to keep, their behavior and habits. A special plant light is usually unnecessary.

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Biofiltration does not stop with the filter. In fact, your mechanical filter is only the beginning. The most hard-working portion of your bio filter system is actually the gravel in your fish tank. This is where the bulk of the waste-munching microorganisms live. Gravel care is essential to the longevity of your aquarium and its inhabitants. To build up a good bio filtration bed, you'll cure your gravel by letting your tank run with plants for about two weeks before adding any fish, then adding just 2 or 3 fish at a time with a couple weeks between each batch. This allows those microorganisms to establish themselves and get to work without overloading your new tank with waste. Clean your gravel during water changes with a special siphon called a gravel vacuum and avoid using hot water or cleaning products in the tank.

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