The Biggest cylindrical fish tank in the world

This is a video of Bill Wann , which just so happens to be the largest privately owned reef tank in North America. Bill says, "The biggest reason why I like fish tanks, it's not really so much the fish. I mean, I like the fish. I like the corals and things like that. But I like the challenge of keeping them alive. It's something that I can't master. If I can master something quickly then I lose interest in it and I get bored." Jesus, Bill, just how many fish have you killed? The whole tank holds about 20,160 gallons. For reference, that's about 500 standard bathtubs. Honestly, it doesn't really sound that big when you put it that way. I expected more, Bill. I say knock it down and build a bigger one. "But--" We can talk about our butts later, now pass me a sledgehammer. You don't really need a kitchen or bedroom, do you?

Georgia Aquarium - see the world's biggest fish (whale shark) in the world's biggest tank!

This amazing fish tank holds 3,995 gal of water and is the UK's biggest privately-owned tropical freshwater aquarium. It's located in the basement of Jack Heathcote's home and the stock includes Pacu, stingrays, Alligator gar, arowana, Pangasius, Ripsaw and Redtail catfish and Fly River turtles. Read all about it in the March 2014 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine.

World's Biggest Fake Fish Tank - Gizmodo

Shipwreck tank, biggest fish tank in the world @marine life park Singapore As host of the third largest fish tank in Asia, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has nine exhibition zones that feature the marine life in different parts of the world. Among the exhibition highlights are the zones dedicated to sea creatures from Australia, Antarctica and, of course, China. Rare and endangered species are included in the aquariums, including sea creatures that are native to the country’s Yangtze River. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium also features the longest submerged tunnel in the world. The tunnel measures around 155 meters, and it is one of the water park’s biggest attractions.

Scholastic News: The Biggest Fish Tank

In this video you can see the biggest cylindrical fish tank in the world, called Aqua Dom. It's of the SEA LIFE, Berlin and placed in the Lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The Biggest Fish Tank By Gail Hennessey