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I find my silver dollars to be reltively slow swimmers and very peaceful. However, there can be "bad apples" among the group, which can go after smaller fish. I recommend just keeping 3 if mixed with other smaller fish. I think they tend to get less timid and more bullyish in larger schools. They are definitely a larger tank fish, especially if you're keeping them with little tetras such as neon tetras (like me). The silver dollars are currently in a 55 gallon tank and are starting to become awakward/clumsy amongst the plants and decorations as they grow bigger and have a harder time squeezing into their usual hiding spots.

Does this tank look big enough to store 6 neon tetras OR one betta fish?

Alot of small tetras like neons and cardinals suffocate from even minor invasions of parasites like ich and velvet before you can detect it by clogging their gills. All you do is raise the temp, cover all sides of the tank, keep the light out, treat with medication. A heavy handed dose of water conditioners that promote extra body slime will do the same quicker. Some pet stores squirt enough in the bag to dechlorinate a small lake 😒 buy the biggest fish that look like they’ve been in the store long enough to recuperate from shipping. Get at least 6.

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If your tank isn't big enough for two schools of fish, I would just get 6 neon tetras OR 6 danios. […] you look. Many places recommend them in 5-10g tanks. Obviously no denying bigger is always better. Neon Tetra Fish – The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Neon Tetras – Aquarium Tidings "Is That Possible?" "I Never Ask That Question Until After We've Done […]

Neon Tetras (Paracheirodon innesi) are one of the most popular tetras

My tetra was perfectly fine until this morning when i woke up. He looks really skinny and his scales look as if they are wasting away. He seems very fragile and wont move and is just sitting on the bottom. He is away from thebother fish in a big plastic jug now.
What is wrong with him?

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