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Mutant goldfish: Pet fish dumped in rivers are harming the natural ecosystem after growing up to 10 times their regular size.

Big goldfish and koi carp are being caught in the waterways of Western Australia.

Incredible images show how the aquarium fish have turned into river monsters and an expert warns they are driving native fish to extinction.

Dr David Morgan, the Director of the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research at Murdoch University, said:
"Effectively people are unknowingly doing it but they're basically released by pet owners."

"People aren't really aware what damage they're going to have in the ecosystem."

"What you see up and down Western Australia's coast is a lot of pest fishes are right in town centres and almost every town has one."

Dr Morgan told the Daily Mail the fish are much larger than the native species, such as crayfish, so they prey on them.

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The little betta bowls at pet shops are not big enough even for one fish.

Porcupine puffers are engaging and intelligent saltwater fish almost as cute as cartoon animals. They usually learn to interact with their human caregivers in odd and engaging ways; some even respond to eye contact by swimming up and begging for food! Their engaging personalities combined with big eyes, chubby cheeks, and silly grins make them adorable pets.

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to replace their new pets that have gone on to that big fish tank in the sky. It tends to become a problem when there is more than one gourami in the aquarium. They see each other as competitors for the same territories, competitors for mates or as prospective mates. Battles can ensue. Really, the behavior is similar to that of their relative, the betta. In large aquariums, it’s less of a problem because there is more room for fish to run and hide. However, the blue gourami grows to 6 inches, so a big aquarium may not be as big as you think. I recommend at least a 29-gallon community for one small specimen of this fish. A 55-gallon (or larger) aquarium is ideal for a community containing a full-grown blue gourami. I also recommend keeping no more than one gourami species per community.

So what fish should beginner fishkeepers generally avoid altogether

Got an algae problem? Get a plecostomus. That is often the solution to many folks’ algae issues, rather than determining what is causing the algae in the first place. The plecostomus is such a popular fish that even the largest discount retailer in the world stocks them for sale in their aquariums. But they are often always small specimens no more than three or four inches in length. Beware this fish. It will grow big. Very big. Most beginners start off with a 20 to 30 gallon fish tank. Adding a plecostomus to such a tank is like housing a killer whale in a swimming pool. The plecostomus can grow to 12 inches and larger. I’ve seen huge specimens (former pets that were released) schooling in Manoa creek on O’ahu, dining on algae). And not to mention, they are gross polluters, meaning, they poop a lot.

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