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I have a halfmoon betta in with 8 guppies and 2 cory cats and they all seem to get along ok. The guppies tend to stay near the front on the tank and my fighter stays in his area at the back but if I go over to the tank he comes over to me. Since I put the other fish in it has been alot easier to keep the levels of the water right.

How do Betta fish mate if they always fight with each other? --- Sophie, Fort Myers, Fla.

I was interested to hear today that betta fighting in Indonesia, one of the countries where wild bettas originated, is a high-stakes underground business where wagers can get pretty intense. I was pleased to hear; however, that the law in Indonesia does not take animal fighting or gambling lightly. Both offenses are punishable with jail time. When I heard that I couldn’t help but feel satisfied. Perhaps because I have never once heard of anyone being punished for fish fighting here in the US. Even dog fighting, which is as heinous as it is violent, rarely ever ends with any meaningful punishment. Maybe a few months in prison at best and a fine. We have so far to go in protecting our animals in this country. We could stand to take a page from the book of our eastern neighbors.

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Betta Fish Fight!Website: Betta Fish Fight!Betta Fish Fight!Betta Fish Fight!Betta Fish Fight! There are many animals that bettas can be kept with, as long as the owner is watchful of aggression. Colorful fish with long fins should be avoided, as males could nip or even attack them. If you buy tankmates for your betta, you must make sure you can provide for both of their needs. Here are some examples of suitable tankmates for the Siamese fighting fish:

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There’s a reason people of all types love bettas. Sometimes called Siamese fighting fish, these feisty fish pack a lot of personality into a very small package and make great pets for almost every living situation. You’ll find them right at home on a desk at the office, enhancing the look of a livin...

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"These fish hardly flared up though, I would imagine two beta fish that flair at each other would actually fight. I wouldn't know though. "Hello..! This is wonderful bettas fish that I was show images, it is the best video slideshow.
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betta fish fighting face Imported from today’s Thailand in 1910, this beautiful and dazzling little fish quickly became an American favorite. In 1927, a white Betta was exported to the United States and named Betta Cambodia, but people soon recognized that it was in fact a different color of the Siamese Fighting Fish.