Betta fish - Top beta fighter fish fight 2016 part 3

Cichlids are known to be aggressive towards other cichlids and fish with a similar morphology. They see the fish closely related to them as a threat, particularly in terms of dietary requirements. The betta fish is called a fighting fish for good reason: the males can fight each other to death over territory. In Thailand it a serious and popular sport to fight the short-finned plakat species. They breed each one specifically to become a champion and will place bets on the winner during a bout.

How do Betta fish mate if they always fight with each other? --- Sophie, Fort Myers, Fla.


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Betta fish - Top beta fighter fish fight 2016 part 3

betta fish fighting death video Bettas, aka Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta Splendens, originally came from the muddy ponds, streams and rice paddies of Thailand. The original betta splendens had dull coloring and ...

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Betta fish - Top beta fighter fish triple fight Part

Betta fish are called the Siamese Fighting Fish because of its behavior towards other males of the same species. You cannot keep two or more males in the same tank. If more than one male fish are placed in the same tank, they will fight until only one of them remains. They will flare out their gill covers and erect their fins showing the other fish their fighting posture. This behavior is also why they are kept separated in small containers at the store.There are ways to see this behaviour without introducing another male betta fish. One way is to use a small hand mirror and place it up against the tank glass so that the male may see his reflection. The Betta will mistake his reflection as another male and the fighting posture should then be displayed. Doing this too often may lead to an overly stressed fish though.It is not without reason that they are called Siamese fighting fish. The males set up a territory around plants or rocks. They become very possessive of their territory. Betta fish fight to guard their territory from trespassers. They will fight until the opponent gets injured or backs out. It is to avoid betta fish fighting that they are kept in isolation.People shunning violence, hate to watch betta fish fighting. As a result of cross breeding, the aggressive traits of the bettas have greatly reduced. Bettas with their , colorful fins and interactive personalities do attract a lot of people. People consider them the most wonderful fresh water fish around and are increasingly finding offices and homes as pets.