Beta Fish Has Fin Rot And Won't Eat, What Do I Do? | My Aquarium Club

Just go to a fish shop and ask for medication for fish with fin rot. They give it to you and you put the liquid in the tank (it is usually blue in colour and makes the tank water look blue)Anyway keep the betta in this water for a few months only topping it up as it evaporates and when you eventually do a water change he should be fine. This happened to one of mine about 3 years ago and although it fixed his fin rot he never grew his fins back sadly :(

Jan 6, 2017 - This is especially true if you are dealing with betta fin rot or gold fish fin rot

This concludes the identification of, and treatment for, betta fish fin rot. While this has been a lot of scary sounding information to learn about, remember that simplest solutions often work the best. Clean water and regular water changes alone can do wonders for your betta’s health and happiness. Betta fish fin rot is much easier to deal with by preforming regular preventative maintenance. Keeping your betta clean, warm and well fed without any stress will help keep your betta away from any of this rottenness. Here’s wishing you and your betta all the besta !

Medicine Or Water Change For Betta With Fin Rot?? | My Aquarium Club

Betta fish fin rot can turn into a nightmare if not dealt with promptly Fin rot is a disease in betta fish in which their fins slowly rot. Without treatment, can kill your fish. In this video it shows what to do and how to apply it.----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------
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He was a beautiful crown moon betta but has lost so much of his tail

My new betta fish has been in a 12 liter tank for about 1 month, and this week i have noticed his fins are all jagged. Therefore i have done some research about jagged fins and the only thing that came up was fin rot. I do 50% water changes every week, i feed him every day and he eats well. I do not yet have any treatment solutions and will not have any for about 1 week; will it be too late or will my betta fish or will it survive if i move it to anther tank (with conditioned water) without decoration or gravel? what advice could you give me?

He came to us with fin rot but I just thought it was his coloring