Well, it turns out Betta Fish love to play with toys

It’s generally not a good idea to add fish to your betta’s tank aside from ottos and cory catfish. Tetras are OK sometimes, but they’re not as safe. Most bettas are curious about snails, but they don’t do anything aside from swim around and eye the snails up. Other bettas and aggressive fish, such as dwarf gouramis, are absolutely off-limits, unless you have a divider separating the two. As a rule of thumb, if you do not have the time to watch over your betta in the presence of other fish, do not add those fish. You should never purchase a fish to live with your betta unless you have another tank they can be moved to if the betta rejects them. If you add a toy and it stresses your betta, remove it. Some bettas react negatively to toys.

Though not a toy for a Betta fish a filter is an important piece of equipment if you

No matter what the specific toy is that you get for your betta fish, be sure to get at least one. Betta fish definitely can get bored, plus they like being active, they like swimming around, and the love to hide in things too, so any of the above toys would surely make for great additions to your betta tank. You might also like our post on .

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Betta fish toy - your little fish can rest and play on this leaf hammock. I love how betta fish just like to chill on the edge of a leaf.
I think another reason why they like this toy is because it gives them somewhere shallow to go, I think they like to rest near the top of the water, as in the wild some of the small streams would have been shallow.

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I have had my betta fish: Fish for a few months now. Yes his name is Fish. He is in a 5 gallon tank with a heater and a filter. He even has a fake wood log in the middle of his tank and a fake plant at each of the back corners of the tank. I am wanting to get him a small live plant and a couple of toys. Please recommend some good ones. Oh one more thing: I have an empty 5 gallon tank and thinking of getting another betta. Um… Does the tank need a filter? I will be getting a heater though.

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Well, it turns out Betta Fish love to play with toys. In fact there are a bunch products made specifically to help keep your Betta happy and active.For best results, place the Betta hammock near the surface of the tank, in the wild Betta fish love to rest near surface of the water on leaves and twigs, this toy allows your pet Betta to do the same.In today’s post i’m going to show you 10 of The Best Betta Fish Toys Your Betta Will Love and how you can easily keep your Betta happy and having fun.This is a really cool betta fish toy option to consider. First of all, they will definitely provide your betta fish with tons of fun. Betta fish love to push things around and that is exactly what these LUFFY Betta Balls let them do. Moreover, these are all natural balls of living moss so they do add a certain amount of beauty to any fish tank, plus there is nothing better than a living toy.