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Ordering fish online is easy and allows you access to an incredible assortment of betta fish. Even rare or unusual breeds can be purchased and shipped worldwide in a short time. Mail order bettas, though more expensive than the big box store bettas, are often still quite reasonably priced and don’t necessarily cost any more than private pet store betta. If you are looking for something specific and want to know the history (birthday, genealogy, etc) of your fish buy direct from the breeder. They are often healthier and longer lived than store bought bettas too.

Second, all my local fish stores (regardless of whether they are a chain or not) sells bettas. Even online stores seem to have bettas for sale if they sell live fish.

These days, many people have got realized the distinctiveness and great things about rearing betta fish in their properties and even workplaces today. These types of fishes are elegant and when purchased from the proper online store, type the right way; you will have them for several years. Being a betta fish proprietor comes with a few exciting obligations that you should by no means take for of course. You will need to have specific supplies to ensure your own betta is always robust and content. To begin with, you need to buy the right fish tank size for your own betta. Depending on the variety of fish you will want to buy, how big the container will vary. Nonetheless, make sure you buy a tank that is huge once as well as for all.

Fish Store: Buy Live Pet Aquarium Fish Online.

Pet stores often will not carry Betta fish medication, meaning that you will need to order it online 2. Style – There are hundreds of color/tail combinations of available through your local fish store, aquarium club, online fish auctioneer and even the big pet retailer are now getting a variety of fancy and colorful bettas in stock. No two bettas look alike and you are sure to find one that suits you.

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We have a local fish store, not a pet store, but one who specializes only in fish, Aqua ..., and I trust your site more than the people there. I am sometimes very impulsive when I get but I certainly am going to look at getting some stuff ... I am thinking about doing a second betta bowl and want to get the one from you with the betta, snail and ghost shrimp.

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Ask questions before making your purchase to ensure that the Betta was well cared-for at the pet store. Also, be attentive when bringing home your Betta to make sure he is still alive. Since Bettas are not very active, they could lie dead in a plastic bag or glass bowl without anyone noticing. Sometimes Bettas are already sick because of the less-than-healthy conditions in the . To guarantee the purchase of a healthy fish, visit only those dealers that have been referred or those that have a proven reputation.Betta fish are beautiful and found in many homes. If you're thinking of getting a betta, there are many things to consider. Figure out whether you want to get a betta from a pet store, breeder, or online seller. Always inspect your fish first to make sure it's healthy. You also want to get a betta that was raised in a clean, healthy environment. This increases the likelihood your fish will also be healthy.