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fish dont actually "sleep" they just rest. they may look like they are sleeping but they only rest. anyways it can either be resting or it can have swim bladder diesease. fish have an organ called swim bladder which allows them to swim without like flipping over and stuff and sometimes this organ gets a disease where it stops working and fish will rest on their side on the gravel. so check your betta and make sure that he is swimming correctly. but if you say that he is healthy then it is just resting.

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I’m moving my betta fish, Dracula, into my room as his old spot is taken.
I sleep with a lamp on
so is it okay to put him on the other side of the dresser from the lamp?
Or is it best to cover his aquarium with some cloth and remove it in the morning?

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Betta fish do not experience sleep in the same way that you or I experience sleep If you happen to see your betta fish sleeping in a weird position, do not tap on the glass immediately, because it may startle and spoil your fish’s sleep. Wait for a few hours or just turn on the light and wait for an hour.

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Betta fish do sleep. It is an essential part of their life, therefore as its owner, it is important to make sure that your betta fish has a few dark places in the tank to feel safe and sleep. Even if you have sufficient hiding places, do not expose your fish tank to continuous light 24/7.

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Fish may not tuck themselves into bed at night, but they all sleep at one point or another. Fish that are primarily active at night sleep during the day. Fish like bettas that are mainly active during the day do most of their sleeping at night. Bettas sometimes take short naps during the day. If you've ever noticed your pet lying on the bottom of his tank doing nothing in particular, he could be asleep. In other cases, your fish may hang motionless at the top of his tank while he rests. Some people panic when they find their betta in either state because they think their pet has died, and indeed, there is not a lot of difference in the way a sleeping betta and a dead betta look. Thankfully, the fish is simply asleep in most instances. The question still remains whether bettas experience sleep in exactly the same way that people do. After all, they can't close their eyes because they have no lids. So it's not immediately apparent what they are up to. Do they fully loose consciousness like people do? Perhaps not since they are very territorial and on constant guard against interlopers, even if they are the only fish in their tanks. Still, they do appear to take time out to rest, and this is the equivalent of sleep for humans. This is a short bit of information regarding the sleeping habits and tenancies of Betta Fish, it’s to the point and succinct. Please read below to find out more information.