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Slowly begin adding the aquarium salt bath mixture into the small container that the betta is in. You are going to want to add the mixture until you see that the betta is exhibiting a mild form of stress. There is a better than good chance that you will not end up needing to use all of the prepared salt bath mixture before this happens. Once the betta starts showing mild stress from the added mixture, you want to stop adding and then let the betta soak for 30 minutes. During this time, keep a very close eye on the behavior of the betta. You are looking to see if the betta is having any dangerous reactions to the treatment. Completely halt the salt bath treatment and return the betta to the original aquarium if the fish tries to jump out of the container or rolls over.

-A salt bath is NOT recommended for betta fish, as baths are far too strong for them.

And that’s it! You have successfully given proper treatment of a mild case of betta fish fin rot to your betta. However, the hardest part, and only thing left to do, is be patient and let the aquarium salt work.

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-Using AQ salt is different for every betta fish, and should be used with utmost caution. And start your timer. You HAVE to watch your betta, don’t go make a sandwich! Your betta may float on it’s side out of shock, but don’t panic, a gentle poke with your finger should wake them. Carefully watch your betta for 5-10 minutes. (5 minutes for minor fin rot, and 10 for parasites and larger wounds). If at any time, your betta stops responding to your tapping, or the gills stop moving, REMOVE YOUR FISH IMMEDIATELY, AND PLACE THEM IN THE EXTRA CONTAINER!!! They should snap out of their trance and begin swimming around. Do not continue the salt-bath until the next day, and half the dosage of AQ salt and time. If your fish continues to faint, discontinue AQ treatment.

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A dip, entails removing your betta from it’s enclosure, and placing it into a container of water with the aquarium salt (already) dissolved in it. It’s best to use water from your tank, for the temperature and parameters will be the same, and thus, won’t stress your fish more than needed.

In depth Betta Epsom Salt Bath for swollen or constipated fish.

To treat a betta with fin rot using aquarium salt, transfer the fish, a heater and some hiding places like real/fake plants to a separate or tub with treated tap water of the same temperature as the water in the aquarium (be sure to give the fish some time to acclimate to the 100% tap water)! Set the heater to a temperature of around 77-78 F – any higher will make the rot progress more quickly, and any lower and it might be harmful to the fish.This is the basic information you need to have about the aquarium salts before you buy them from the stores for you . But, the usage of these salts effects the way a Betta would benefit or injure itself from them. So, let’s focus now on how to use these salts for a healthy fish and most effective usage.