Betta Fish is suffering from popeye and fin rot..

My betta fish Buddy has developed Popeyes’s in both eyes. I also have an Apple Snail in my 1 gallon bowl. Can I treat him with the empsom salt without harming my fish? Thanks

Want To Know If Your Betta Fish Has "Popeye" Disease? Read Out Latest Post, Before It's Too Late!

• Popeye is a Betta fish disease that causes a fish’s eyes to protrude from their heads. This is a bacterial infection that can also come from untreated or dirty tank water. To prevent Popeye from becoming a more serious matter, treatment should begin immediately.

Betta Fish - Serious Case Of Popeye

Popeye disease betta fish. The risk of popeye caused by injury is reduced in a safe environment. Don't use coarse fishnets to handle a betta, and use a net to guide the fish into a plastic container to remove him from the tank. Turn on room lights before turning on aquarium lights to avoid startling a betta, and don't keep a male betta with other male or female betta, to avoid fighting.

How Do I Effectively Treat Popeye In My Betta Fish

Our betta fish ended up with popeye, searched the internet, found it to be popeye, cleaned out the tank and hoped for the best, after a long recovery, Goldie has lost his eye but is doing great. Little trooper for sure. Glad to hear that a betta can live a full and normal life. Thank you, your site is great!!!

Betta fish with Popeye, Finrot, and conclaves stomach.

Popeye is practically the easiest thing in the world to prevent simply by keeping the betta's water clean. Adding a teaspoon of dissolved aquarium or rock salt per gallon can also help prevent Popeye, but clean water is absolutely crucial. Popeye, along with fin rot, is a flashing neon sign that you are not keeping your tanks/jars as clean as they should be. If your fish ends up coming down with popeye, you need to start devoting more time to your tank maintenance.Betta fish can live in smaller bodies of water than other aquarium fish tolerate, but even so, they need good care to maintain their health and avoid developing conditions common to ailing fish, such as popeye. Frequent water changes help prevent popeye from occurring; an existing case of popeye is treated by adding certain medications to aquarium water.As you already know, certain type of betta fish have long fins, especially the males, a reason for their popularity; however, their fin makes them more susceptible to injuries.Maintaining clean water helps prevent popeye in betta fish. Bettas can survive in small containers of water because they can take in air at the water's surface, but they need frequent water changes to maintain good water quality. Change 100 percent of the water every day or every other day in tanks smaller than 1 gallon, and change 25 percent of the water every week in larger tanks. To complete a 100 percent water change, guide the betta into a small container of his current aquarium water, and scoop or siphon out all the remaining water in the tank. Refill the tank with fresh water, then replace the betta. Always refill your betta's tank with water that has been treated to remove chlorine and other chemicals, and that has been warmed to the right temperature. Vacuum or siphon the gravel at every water change.