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In any case you are really going to need to play around with your camera’s exposure settings. It’s hard to give specific advice here because there are so many different camera and lens combinations you may have. Shooting with a 40mm lens, I was able to get fairly impressive shots using automatic ISO in manual with a 1/125 second shutter speed. Betta fish have a tendency to pose for you more often than not, and because of this you may be able to get a better picture of your betta with a slower shutter speed.

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The first part would be lighting issues. Lighting in an empty secondary aquarium is quite a bit easier to setup as there are no plants and accessories and things to get in the way and cast shadows. When you go to take your best betta fish picture while the betta is in the normal aquarium, bring in extra lighting. We are talking anything you can use that emits light. Flashlights, table lamps and red-nosed reindeer can all work in a pinch.

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I invite you to view the betta pictures below and admire the beauty of this favored freshwater tropical fish. Regardless of what type of device you are using to take the pictures, when using the lens hood technique, try to take your pictures as perpendicular to the aquarium as you can. If you try to take a picture of your betta fish at an angle, you will often see a “ghosted” outline just around the betta’s profile. This unwanted outline in the developed photo comes from the aquariums wall you are shooting through.

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If you have spent any time at all trying to get a decent photograph of your betta fish, you will know that as soon as you get close to the aquarium, the betta will swim to either the extreme front or the extreme back of the tank. Most likely your betta will go from back to front repeatedly. Trying to take a picture of a betta when he/she is right up close to the camera you have pressed up against the side will give you some too-close-for-comfort fashion shots. You have a really hard time avoiding these extreme close up shots when you are trying to avoid outside reflections by pressing your camera right up against the tank.

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Due to selective breeding there has been some evolution to the betta fish, no longer a dull green / brown, betta fish are now known for their bright colors and big flowing fins – like that of the halfmoon betta (see some Japanese fighting fish pictures below). Sadly these fish were also bred to fight. Similar to cock fights, betta fish were bred so that gambling could be done over the victor of a betta fight. This has led to an increase in aggression and fight length for domesticated betta fish, meaning it is important to and to never put two male bettas together.How many pictures have you seen, or rather, how many pictures have you taken of your betta fish and had them come out rather crappy? It’s a really convenient thing that betta fish are known to move around a lot, that way there is always a believable story about how “the fish just moved as soon as I was taking the pic” to blame poor photograph quality on. This is not a guide on how to pass the buck and blame your fish about your shortcomings. No, this is a guide on how to take those awesome shots of your betta that you always wanted to. If, after reading this guide, you still can’t seem to be able to distinguish your betta from a Marimo Moss Ball in your photos… maybe try giving the camera to your betta.