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Natural: One of the more common ornamental objects used in Betta fish tanks is natural water plants. There are many varieties from which to choose with some types more suitable for this species than others. If you decide to purchase natural plants, go to a reputable fish dealer who will know which are the best for your Betta.

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Bettas also take infrequent naps during the day. You may notice your fish resting at the base of a plant, or perhaps he's even resting amongst the leaves. Bettas like to find a secure place to rest when they can, so they'll scout out spots beneath or inside tank ornaments, behind filters and any place else that makes them feel safe from harm. You can create ideal sleeping spots by adding a bushy plant, either real or a soft, artificial aquarium plant, or by leaning a piece of shale against the side of the tank.

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I had a betta fish once, and he likes to topple the ornaments so he could use the opening or hole underneath There are a number of fish ornaments available but one of the by Zoo Med Laboratories. This is made of ceramic and serves two purposes, shelter for sleeping or hiding and it looks awesome. One of the benefits of offering a place to hide is to reduce stress in your fish and this Betta log works just nicely for that reason. This log is approximately four inches in length and rests on the bottom of the aquarium. There is also a which is pretty popular too.

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Just bought my betta fish a 3 gallon cube tank and some gravel and a ornament still going to do alil more in the tank when I get more money and time

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As you place your rocks and other ornaments in your aquarium, be careful never to lean them up against the glass. They can easily fall and either harm your Betta or break the glass. Also, do not add any tank decorations that have sharp or rough edges. These can harm your Betta. Look for objects that are worn-looking and have a natural feel and appearance to them. This will create a more appealing design for your fish and for viewing.The floating aquarium decor made for Betta generally look like a hollow log with large openings on both sides. In my opinion, it is the best type of aquarium decor for your Betta. The ornament is generally made up of natural material that is not harmful to your fish and will not cause them to hurt themselves when they scrape against the sides, which they will. The Betta fish will love spending time in them and you would find them in there a lot. Because they are floating, you can still admire your fish even when they are in there unlike other aquarium caves where the fish are hidden completely from view.Also, being territorial would mean that they Betta fish would require a place to escape to when their feel stressed or threatened. Your aquarium ornaments would have to provide your fish with a cave or place to hide away.Hey all, just got a Betta fish for our Daughters first pet, we have a smallish tank around 5 liters roughly 1 and a half gallons, it has an ornament and a plant inside it, no filter as we plan to change the water with our Daughter on a regular basis to teach her about schedules with birds, then dogs etc.. We have been seeing 5 gallons is the minimum recommended, but when we spoke to pet shops, they tell us no, it’s too big?